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Tuesday, April 30 2013

They gossiped about the one you disciplined. Psalm 69, The Message Bible.


            The piercing wounds of gossip are satan's exploratory surgery. If he finds unconfessed sin, he can do a job on you. But even if you are found blameless by the Cleansing Blood of Jesus, you've had to endure gossip's incision and pain. Thankfully most of us cannot agree with the Psalmist and say, "Those who hate me without a cause are more than the hairs of my head. " (Ps. 69v. 4). But we've all been talked about. Gossip's attack blurs our perception and the remedy is to get our eyes off ourselves and back on to God. All of satan's attacks, through gossip, sickness, or any other tactic are aimed against God and against the integrity of His Holy Infallible, Unchanging, Forever Settled Word! The Message Bible says that the devil is blaming you for everything he doesn't like about God. The reproaches of those who reproach God have fallen on you. (v.9b NAS)  But, Hallelujah, the antidote to gossip's poison is also found in today's Psalm. Let zeal for God's house consume you. Be so in love with God, you don't feel any pain or notice that other people don't like you. You only have eyes for your Beloved. Being besottedly-goofy in love with God is part of our skill in the art of spiritual warfare!

FATHER: They talk but I only have eyes for You!

Loving you guys today,

Lee Andrews


Monday, April 29 2013

For I know the plans I have for you. Jer. 29v.11


           God is "nowing" the plans He has for us. We can feel it. Many of us are hearing it through sermons and prophecies from a wide range of ministries. It is not a cakewalk; for faith is required to step into His Perfect Plan. Some are praying out the knots and the snares on the pathway. Others are enduring the final delays with fresh faith. And if God is "nowing", then He Himself is intervening to make the crooked straight, reveal counterfeits and set you like a jewel in position. If you know that God is "nowing" His plans, sharpen your hearing. Ask Him to show you His Plan. Get it clear. Ask Him how you may have missed the Plan in the past and how NOT to miss it this time.

FATHER: From NOW on!

Blessings on your week of acceleration,

Love you,

Lee Andrews

Friday, April 26 2013

...yet shew I unto you a more excellent way. 1 Cor. 12v.31 KJV


      The Greek meaning of "excellent" is huperballo which means to throw beyond the usual mark; to surpass. Are you tired of the same old same old? Longing for more? Me, too. So how do we get beyond our usual?  Beyond the usual mark of my labor, my love, my life.  Like Caleb, I want an excellent spirit to throw my life beyond the usual mark. ( "Give me the mountain," he said.) Taking the mountain requires I take the mountain of myself first by developing the virtues of discipline, self-denial and self-control. Our scripture today stands guard at the huperballo doorway leading to the Love Chapter of 1  Cor.13. This is no sloppy agape of I love you, I love you, I love you. This huperballo Love has flat abs, not an ounce of fat and the strength of an ox. Love doesn't lose its shape (1 Cor. 13v.5 AMP) when all hell breaks loose. And hell is breaking loose a lot these days just on the commute to work through traffic jams and detours. Just from point A to point B; let alone the journey to get beyond the usual mark!!! DIRECTIONS TO A MORE EXCELLENT WAY: Cross the huperballo threshold at the door to Greater Love. Take the overpass of the surpassing greatness of His power to go beyond your usual and get the prize.

FATHER: Pour out a Spirit of Excellence on your daughters and your sons. Holy Ghost come upon us - beyond the usual to the uttermost.

Blessings on your excellent weekend!

Love, Lee Andrews

Thursday, April 25 2013

A gracious woman attains honor. Prov. 11v.16


           Gracious means showing goodness, kindness or mercy. So the woman who attains honor is the one who has honored others. She has honored them with what she has (her substance, wealth, her time) and with who she is ( her faith, her hope, her strength to help). Gracious is also defined as affable and polite. The woman who attains honor has made herself likeable. What is wrong with that? Likeable is a good characteristic for a soulwinner. There is a part of us that is longing for honor in these disrespectful, dishonoring and defiling days in which we live. As the devil is working to steal and dismantle honor, let us restore it the Kingdom way - by giving it away to others as God's Spirit leads us through our daily lives.

FATHER: I honor. Graciously! Jesus said if anyone serves Him, the Father will honor him. John 12v.26

Blessings on you today,

Lee Andrews

Wednesday, April 24 2013

Those in error will believe the truth...Isa. 29v.24 TLB


             Today's scripture promise should encourage you to keep praying and to keep loving those around you who are in error. Their wrong thinking colors the atmosphere surrounding you and them. You may have talked, shared and given books galore, but only God can flood the eyes of that husband's or son's or daughter-in-law's or co-worker's heart with Light. And they may not be waaaaay off. Maybe just a little bit off. But God's word is the plumb line offering the only straight, strong way to live our lives on earth and on into a Eternal life in Glory. Remember truth-speaking Abigail in 1 Samuel 25? Her husband was in error and died because of it. But David listened to the truth she spoke and corrected the error of his ways. And he got the girl!

 FATHER: Thanks for renewing my faith that those in error will believe Your truth! Oh Happy Day today!

Love you so,

 Lee Andrews

Tuesday, April 23 2013

Don't refuse to accept criticism; get all the help you can. Prov.23v.12 TLB


         Pastor John Osteen divided rebuke, correction, instruction and doctrine into things God wanted you to stop doing; things God wanted you to do better; things God wanted you to start doing and things God wanted you to believe. His understanding of the Word of God superbly captured the meaning of this same verse in the King James: Apply thine heart unto instruction, and thine ears to words of knowledge. Get all the help you can. Glean the good even from unconstructive criticism. Separate the precious from the vile and grab the treasure out of the mouth of the lion criticizing you.

FATHER: Open my eyes and protect my heart as I change what You want changed in me.

Love you guys,

 Lee Andrews

Monday, April 22 2013

A poor man's farm may have good soil, but injustice robs him of its riches. Prov. 13v.23 TLB


        The potential for growth in the field of your life is very great. Your potential harvest and increase from the productive spiritual and natural labor of your life is very great. Hear what this scripture is saying to us today. The Word of God is speaking to the areas where we are poor and lacking. There is more, it is saying. You can do better than this. One Bible teacher I respect explained the meaning of "injustice"  in the Hebrew. The injustice robbing us of our full potential is a lack of righteous judgements on our part. Not social injustice or discrimination. My lack of judging the word of God greater than my circumstance. My ignorance of the power and authority of the Word will cause me to discriminate against my own field's potential. If I allow what the world says or what I think to be the final authority on what I can do or what I can have, then the field of my life will never reach its full potential. The field of my life will remain fallow - untilled, cultivated land left idle during a growing season, neglected land, land plowed but not tilled or sowed. We are in a growing season. God promised seedtime and harvest will never cease as long as the earth exists. 

FATHER: I don't want any fallow area in my life. I will till and sow and cultivate my field with your nourishing commands. Feed the land of my life until I want no more.

Blessings on your week of a rich, growing season,

Love, Lee Andrews


Friday, April 19 2013

The Lord loveth the gates of Zion more than all the dwellings of Jacob. Glorious things of thee are spoken, oh city of God. Ps. 78v.1


     You are also the Zion Jesus loves move than any other place. He loves "the gates" of your heart and the "the gates" of your home and " the gates" of your office and every other place where you dwell. He loves to come to the place where we are. Luke 19 says: When Jesus came to the place where Zacchaeus was, he looked up and saw him and spoke to him. (v.5) Though people won't get close to us because we're too small, too much of a crook or too lacking in one area or another, Jesus comes right to where we are. Proverbs 19v.10 declares that "it is not fitting for a slave to rule over a prince." We all have some slavish parts on the inside that can still give orders and take over from our spirit man. Uh-oh. Yet Jesus loves to come even to the place where Slave Lee is bossing around Lee, Princess of God! But Jesus comes and doesn't leave me the same way. The Power of His Purpose will not fail to free me if I am willing. He says, Glorious things of Lee are spoken! This day ( No matter how horrible your past was, Jesus is always into "today") is salvation come to this house. ..For the Son of Man is come to seek and save that which is lost. Luke 19 v.9-10

Blessings as Jesus loves coming to your place this weekend!

Love you,

Lee Andrews

Thursday, April 18 2013

Joshua charged them saying, Go and walk through the land and describe it and come again to me that I may here cast lots for you before the Lord. Joshua.18v.8


      When was the last time you walked the land of your dreams, did a survey and mapped it out? I am hearing a fresh charge - like the charge Joshua gave the children of Israel in our scripture for today. For some of you the book in which you write the description of your dreams will become a successful & published book of your deliverance! Notice the first word of the charge, "GO!" What does that mean? Get up from the place where you are. Start doing something. If you believe, make a move! Is your inheritance sitting out there while you eat cheese and crackers, not knowing a full dinner was in the purchase price of the Cross for God's daughters and sons?

FATHER: Thank you for making me a joint heir with Jesus! Help me to go, see, write, believe & receive my inheritance.

Love you guys,

 Lee Andrews


Wednesday, April 17 2013

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty.Ps. 91;Do not throw away your confidence. Heb.10v.35


         Fear wants to attacks us with the news of the tragic events in Boston. Fear comes to shake our confidence in God to keep us and to shock us into casting away our confidence in the Word of His Power.NO!  Get that Ps. 91 confession back into your mouth; (I know it is in your heart!):

 A thousand may fall at your side; and ten thousand at your right hand, but it shall not come near you. Only a spectator shall you be (yourself inaccessible in the secret place of the Most High) v.7-8

       Your peace is a precious part of your inheritance from your Father God through Jesus' redeeming sacrifice. Don't let the devil or the media or the talk around the office break room steal your peace.Why should you give the devil your inheritance of Peace? Remember the words of Naboth who had a vineyard next door to an evil king's palace? "I will not give you the inheritance of my fathers!"  was his reply to the king's demand to buy it from him. Cast not away your fearless confidence which a great recompense of reward!

    SAY THIS TODAY -      FATHER: I am not afraid!

Love and blessings,

 Lee Andrews











Tuesday, April 16 2013

How long will you put off entering to take possession of the land which the Lord, God of your fathers, has given you? Joshua 18v.3


           Make Love Your Aim Ministries is hosting a MOTHERS' DAY of DESTINY to HONOR your inheritance from your mother and to stir you to pick up the baton and keep running! What have you laid down - what part of your gift or your calling did you put aside to raise a family or to help someone else- that you know it is time to pick up? Join us Saturday May 11, 2013 from 10:00am to 12:30 pm for a special meeting honoring the first prophet in our lives - Mom - who called the things that be not as though they were from the cradle to college. We will HONOR God's Purpose for your life as we release the Spirit of God to front-burner BREAKTHROUGH to what you were born to do! It is your time. And it is high time to honor your God-breathed history. And Believe His breath-taking Plan for you. Take a first, new step of faith! Bring friends! Help us tell/invite other women!

MLYA's Mother's Day of Destiny

 HBU's Mabee Theater 7502 Fondren, Houston, TX 77074, Saturday May 11, 2013 10am to 12:30pm FREE-  Women Only


I am so excited about this meeting. God will honor your mother's prayers. He will honor your prophetic stand for your own children; whether natural or spiritual children. "Honor" is the word of the day, connecting us to our inheritance and producing fruit from the seeds we are sowing with eyes to a future harvest. The time is short, and God will not do without the harvest to be produced by your gift, your voice and your labor of passion to win this world.

Lee Andrews






Monday, April 15 2013

And so did Joshua; he left nothing undone of all that the Lord commanded Moses. Josh. 11v.15/ And the land rested from war. v.23


         Hallelujah!  God does give the land of our lives seasons of rest from the hand-to-hand combat that is part of the Christian soldier's triumphant earth life. Our obedience in completing God's assignments punctuates these restful seasons. (And our disobedience can open a season of warfare. Ask me to show you how!) Have you done the last thing the Lord told you to do? If you can't remember, ( Hey, grenades and flares from warfare can assault your mind; but the Healer is in the House of Rest From War) , go look in your journal and remind yourself of what His last commandment was. If you haven't quite finished doing all, believe that He is a Rewarder of those who do what pleases Him. If you have done all of His last word to you, believe the same Truth - that He rewards those who do what pleases Him. The Bible says that:  If a man's ways please the Lord, He will cause even his enemies to be at peace with him. Prov. 16v.7 That interval of your land resting from war is a reward.

Blessings on your week- Strength for today and hope for tomorrow!

Love you,

Lee Andrews

Friday, April 12 2013

And the captain of the Lord's host said unto Joshua, Loose thy shoe from off thy foot; for the place whereon thou standest is holy.

 Joshua 5v.14

       Been through a tough battle? Transitioned from UNDER circumstances to coming ABOVE them? Has God cut off old pieces of shame with His surgical knife?(Josh. 5v.9) Has the manna of child support or job changes reduced your income? (Josh. 5v.14) Hey, you're standing on holy ground! The place to which God has brought you today IS HOLY! Holy how? Holy why?

1.The Holy God Himself has brought you from a mighty long way.

2. Your words have shaped the place at which you stand today. That process is holy when your words about your life match God's word.

3. Your holy words about your future will take you forward from where you stand today.

4. The Holy God is with you- take your shoes off and bow!

Love you and See you tomorrow for the our final, crowning class of the School of Wonders Bible study on Revival. 10am to 12 noon at HBU's Mabee Theater 7502 Fondren Houston 77074, entrance# 1, parking lot#1

 Lee Andrews

Thursday, April 11 2013

But when you give a reception, invite the poor the crippled, the lame and the blind and you will be blessed. Luke 14v.14


       Your banquet for the poor could be sharing your lunch with the homeless lady on the corner or buying a sumptuous take-out meal for the beggar pushing a basket. Feeding the poor pleases God. I did some door-to-door giving out of gourmet sandwich lunches years ago and it was a rich time. I went with a few more experienced people and there were opportunities to pray for salvation and healings and giving words. A couple of times my mom and I went in an old neighborhood where I had grown up and shared Jesus. Each time after going, God moved mountains in my life. If you are getting desperate for change in your life, consider this fast-track: Giving away The Gospel!

Father: Send me!

Blessings on your heart giving and your feet moving as His Spirit leads!

Love, Lee Andrews

Wednesday, April 10 2013

As I was with Moses so I will be with you. Joshua 1 v.1-3


         Just this morning someone called looking for her Moses' telephone number! Who will be the mother or father to what you know you are called to do? Finding your Moses connects your purpose to Kingdom history and it is a way of giving honor. But let us also remember that in the Bible these connections grew out of relationships of service. Find your Moses and serve; don't find your Moses and expect your purpose to be served. And pronto, too! It takes time.

              But there is more to today's scripture than finding the man or woman of God who will affirm you. I am hearing something else, too. There is a rising up of the Joshua on the inside of you that was not born through another human nurturing. (John 1v.13) The Spirit of God has fathered things within you that are ready to come off the scrimmage playing field and into the big stadium. A more excellent you; a more excellent way for you to live.

Be strong and courageous... for the Lord Thy God is with thee whithersoever thy goest!

Love you,

 Lee Andrews

Tuesday, April 09 2013

Casting all your care upon Him; for He careth for you;...but full-grown love turns fear out of door and expels every trace of terror! I John 4:18 AMP


To cast means to throw, to discard, to reject. Rejecting fear is a mighty act of faith. You might have to do it more than once, but each time you are acting in great faith by hurling that "what if" out of your mind. The devil is persistent and he will run and re-run fear videos before your eyes even while you are speaking faith scriptures with your mouth. You be persistent, too. Even if you have to cast that high thing down 30 times in one hour, you are breaking satan's back with your faith. Replace "your" care with God's care for you by finding the place where it is written and speaking it. Over and over and over again. Torment the devil with the word. (The enemy's fear has torment in it.) The devil will eventually get tired of messing with you and back off. (Resist the devil and He will flee from you!)   In the process you will have also hidden more of the Word of God in your heart and practically memorized those scripture verses you've been repeating.

Father: I cast the care today!

Love you so,

 Lee Andrews



Monday, April 08 2013

And that servant, which knew his lord's will and prepared not himself, neither did according to his will, shall be beaten with many stripes. Luke 12v.47 KJV; For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required...Luke 12v.48


          Preparing yourself shows your faith. Your life itself is part of the much you have been given. Preparation is a core ingredient of what you are required to do with the mucho God has entrusted to you. Self-denial and focus are steps on the way to preparation. A young Pastor's wife in Rome told a funny story about preparing her 3 small kids and herself for a very important event and arriving perfectly turned out - only to look down and she her fuzzy hot-pink house slippers peeking up at her as she mounted the platform to take her seat. Prayer is the Christian's way to prepare everything - including yourself! We get beaten by Life when we don't prepare in prayer.  Yes, to whom much is given, much is required. But aren't you glad the same Almighty God who sets the requirements we face and is also the same God who gives us all things that pertain to life and godliness. His supply of all things helps you prepare yourself for life's tests and storms. Ace the test and come shining  through the storm!

Blessings on your week of preparation!

And pray for mine as I prepare to teach you this Saturday as our last School of Wonders Revival Bible Study! Come! 10- 12noon at HBU's Mabee Theater, 7502 Fondren, 77074. I have a great Word to bring you!

Love you guys,

 Lee Andrews

Friday, April 05 2013

The tongue of the wise is health. Prov.12:18b KJV; the wise woman builds her house, the foolish tears it down with her own hands.Prov. 14v.1


         Your words have the power of death and life in them - even when you feel powerless to change a situation. One awesome way we can minister life and health to others is through our words. Whether we are speaking directly to people or whether we are speaking to God about the people on our hearts. A wise heart will know when someone will benefit from hearing us speak Truth and when it is better to declare it for the Father's ears alone. The very atmosphere - heaven and  the earth surrounding us - both have ears (The Bible tells us so!)- that our words can influence and shift. So what do you give them? The stubborn cases, the sick and infirm in faith and body - give them the best you have. Your wise tongue speaking words of health!

Blessings on your weekend of changing your world with your words!

Love you, Lee Andrews

Thursday, April 04 2013

And to make thee high above all nations which he hath made, in praise, in name and in honor. Deut. 26v.19; I will set him securely on high because he has known My name. Ps. 91v.14b


              "High" means elevated in location, extending far upward, exalted and superior. Let the truth of God's position for you override the dishonor and disrespect that today's world is heaping upon Christians. Dishonor is part of the disorder of our fallen and falling-apart world. We have to medicinally and therapeutically apply God's order into our hearts to receive the lift to the heights of honor all believers deserve and need. Lack of respect is a wrong that needs to be set right and our first line of attack comes by applying the Word of His Truth to our own hearts. Then the Holy Spirit can lead us sensitively to pray, to respond and to act according to God's heart about the matter. The Word of God also anesthetizes us to pain when co-workers or family members attempt to lower us. We are able to rise above - far above- to where we are seated in  heavenly places - when life threatens to take us down.


Love you,

Lee Andrews

Wednesday, April 03 2013

...he stedfastly set his face to go to Jerusalem. And sent a village of the Samaritans to make ready for him. And they did not receive him. Luke 9v.51 KJV; And they did not receive Him because he was journeying with his face toward Jerusalem. (NAS)


              What do you  mean by "NO?!!" Jesus' disciples were so ticked. "Lord, do you want us to command fire down from heaven and consume them?" (v.52) Has a "NO" on your path made you as hot and mad as those guys? Jesus' answer to them is the same as His answer to all of us seeking the guidance of the Holy Ghost in our lives.   " Do you know what kind of spirit you are of?"

               I remember a story Pastor John Osteen shared about a very anointed man in his congregation who came to him for counsel about a golden opportunity. It was in another city and so exciting. As the man sat in his office and poured out his heart about the decision facing him, Pastor Osteen simply said, "If you don't know, don't go." The man broke down and wept. Is your spirit so attached to the "golden opportunity" that you can't read the "NO" with the eyes of the Holy Spirit? Jesus read the "NO" from the Samaritans as their problem and not His and kept going to find another village to rest in on His way to Jerusalem. The "NO" of the Samaritans did not stop Him. Neither did it embitter His heart against them.

FATHER: Teach me to know the "NO"'s - Is a stop sign or is spurring me to go? Lead me by Your Spirit today! 

Love you - You know that!

Lee Andrews


Tuesday, April 02 2013

How blessed is the one whom dost choose, and bring near to Thee. Ps. 65v4


        Those words were written by a man who did not have what you have. In the Old Testament only the Levites were authorized and invited to get close to minister to God. David's unrelenting worship gave him a special anointing. It took him past the barriers of his day and it took him into God's Presence. But Jesus was made your open door to closeness with God. You don't have to live out a on a freezing mountainside playing a harp, while fighting lions and tigers and bear to get in. NO, a Blood-bought, new and living way gives you access to a place David would have envied! What a shame I can spend a whole afternoon ignoring my open door to the Presence of the Lord! When I don't get close, I lose and the Lord loses, too. My Harvest and His Harvest are always on the other side of my open door to His Presence.But both my harvest and His harvest are diminished when the door stays shut. The gold we are often wrestling to get is in the fishes' mouth of God's harvest. And my door, like yours is so wide, so effectual, to fit a lot of people in with plenty of room at the Cross for each one.

FATHER: Draw me and I will run after YOU!  I open the door of my heart for the harvest!

Love to you,

Lee Andrews




Monday, April 01 2013

Now there was a long war between the house of Saul and the house of David: But David waxed stronger & stronger, and house of Saul waxed weaker & weaker. 2 Sam. 3:1


                 Is your "David" - the praising, fearless, poet part of you getting stronger? My Saul - that religious rebel disobeying and justifying-my sin- part of me is weaker. I put my Saul flesh UNDER the control of my spirit. Romans says we are truly led by the Spirit by being under the government and control of the Holy Ghost. Whoa, look at me dancing in the church aisles & racing up front to pray for people! Yes, but I want to be just as WILDLY under the Spirit's control in every other area. My David singing and decreeing when my flesh wants to be silent and flee the scene! My David tongue wisely saying "SELAH" (and nothing else) when someone makes a silly, critical remark. As you read this and believe that you are winning and Saul is losing, Fear Not.

When thou goest out to battle against thine enemies, seest horses and chariots and a people more than thou, be not afraid of them; for the Lord thy God is with thee. Deut. 20v.1

Fear Not. God is with you to strengthen your "David" today. When victory comes, you won't just get something  - that treasured crown of whatever Promise you are standing for; no, you will have become  something  - a strong, wise and overcoming King. 

Blessings on your week of your David gaining strength!

Love you, Lee Andrews





from past baggage
old sin
And Lot also, which went with Abraham, had flocks and herds and tents. And the land was not able to bear them, for their substance was great...And Abraham said,
"Lot, separate thyself, I pray thee, from me." Genesis 13v.5; ...forgetting what lies behind, straining for what lies ahead. Phil.3v.13
           You can't take it with you. "It" means your (unfruitful) way of thinking, your old " it ain't working" way of working. Abraham's nephew was a dear relative, they had so much in common, so many sweet or tough memories shared. How long before we get God saying, "Separate from your old way. There is a new way."
        As always with God, you must obey the first step (separate, leave the baggage, drop it,) before the land under your foot's path for the 2nd step appears.
And the Lord said unto to Abraham AFTER that Lot was separated from him:
Lift up now thine eyes from the place where thou art northward, and southward, and eastward, and westward. For all the land that thou seetst, to thee will I give it...v.14-17
FATHER:  Show me Your new way today! I PRESS TOWARD THE PRIZE!
Love you guys more than you know,
 Lee Andrews
Will you keep silent at this time, Queen Esther? Now that you have prevailed before the King and your petition for deliverance for you and your nation from the evil Haman Hillary, will you decree, reign and use your authority? Not many days hence, about 30, the inauguration of the President God chose and we died for (died to pizza and blueberry pancakes, died to distractions to cry out, some died to fear of voting Republican for the 1st time!)) will be inaugurated. 
     Though the media is attempting to spread dishonor and rebellion,your intercession for  FULL MORDECAI HONOR will crown the event and will also REAP HONOR for you. The honor you intercede for in these 30 days to January 21 is the degree of honor that will (or won't) come to you in the New Year. God is teaching us to reign in this extraordinary season, this amazing Last Days Age. Can you honor a husband if God gave you one, a boss, a mother-in-law, can you honor the Office of the President or the Plan of God? Skimping on honor at this time, will skimp on the Glory of God!
 When God's choice is  fully honored, - as Mordecai was - God's reward is FULLY given! God gave the people of the nation light ( a new dawn of hope) and gladness and joy and honor.The enemies of the Kingdom were destroyed. Esther 8v.16 Victory is indeed sweet!
 ....And the king said to Haman/Hillary, what shall be done to the man whom the king delights to honor?...Haman answered... Let royal apparel be brought which the king has worn (NOTE: THE ANOINTING)  
 And the horse which the king has ridden 
(NOTE: same as David's instructions for Solomon's inaugurations for David's mule to be ridden) and a royal crown be set upon his head. 
Let the apparel and horse be delivered to the hand of one of the king's most noble princes. Let him array the man (NOTE: divine order- Mordecai was not putting king's robe on himself- but nobility and established order robing him) whom the king delights to honor and conduct him on horseback through the open square of the city (NOTE: We need to pray for the city- the sea of people to OPEN to Trump and not resist him whom Our king has appointed.)Esther 6v.6-9
The King's instructions in Esther 6v.10
Do so to Mordecai the Jew (Make it happen).
Leave out nothing that you have spoken. (Don't mess this up.)
We need a full Mordecai inauguration. Esther (the church) has prevailed before the King.We won. We Arise, We Shine for Our light has come!
Lee Andrews
December 21, 2016

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