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Tuesday, May 31 2011

The Lord's lovingkindnesses indeed never cease, for His compassion never fail. They are new every morning. Lamentations 3v.23

     One of the ways God makes His mercy supply new and endless is by working it into you and me. Today I am hearing : New mercies coming FROM you! Coming for people you never had much mercy for before! Mercy coming out of you for others in a new way.

     Early this morning someone phoned and shared a prayer need of a young woman with children. How could she be so lacking in forethought? Poor planning, blah-blah. It is easy to judge when you think you've made better choicesThen the Holy Ghost (my Helper) helped me remember that I have done exactly the same thing as that young woman, and I have done it more than once. Mercy, mercy. mercy. Suddenly I had some new mercy for her.

Father: Make me a fountain of Mercy, Truth and Life for others today!

Blessings on your short-road-to-victory week,

Love you,

Lee Andrews


Pump-up with me the 2nd Saturday, June 11 for Now The Strong God Strengthens You @ HBU's Mabee Theater, 10am to 12 noon.

Friday, May 27 2011

And if you extract the precious from the worthless, you will become My spokesman. Jer.16v.19

     Recently I heard the birthing of a prophetic gifting in an awkward outburst at a meeting. The "bony finger of the prophet" was discernable in the tearful, passionate release. When the human encounters the divine, expect combustion and explosions. As we learn how to express God, there can be excess, inaccuracies. When you put all your tears and heart in getting out those first words, it can be hard to allow what you said to be judged. But prophecy was designed to be judged! Hey, if the Word was from God, it can take the heat. The Bible says His word has been tried 7 times in the furnace. Your job is to take the correction and improve your serve. Strive to become an expert at speaking for God. Mothers are great prophets- speaking to their newborn  or their teenagers: You'll be President. You're my daughter, "The Doctor."  Wives are also mighty prophets: O , my husband, this weekend you will cut the grass, paint the garage door, etc."

Father: Give me words of Spirit and Life to speak to my family today!

Love you guys,

Lee Andrews



Wednesday, May 25 2011

Or what woman, if she has ten silver coins and loses one coin, does not light a lamp and sweep the house and search carefully until she finds it? Luke 15v.8  How blessed are those who seek Him with all their heart! Ps.119v.2

       "Seek" is what I hear to describe this current season and this day's unction. Seek is both an instruction for this time and a commendation for many of you who are seeking diligently & tirelessly for more, more, more from God. We all sense there is more. We all sense God's desire is for us to have that fullness to make the picture perfect for harvest and perfect for the establishment of His Kingdom in our lives. But we are discovering that it takes a woman with a "made-up mind", a broom and a strong arm to get it, find it and enjoy it to the full.  Sweep the house! Where is that missing piece?  Sweep the house of your own spirit through prayer and self-examination. The spiritual houses of your husband or your children may need a flashlight and a broom to get out cobwebs and dust in the corners. Ask, seek and knock. Seek and you will find! Jesus is always willing for us. ( I am willing; be cleansed. Matt. 8v.3) Our Door-Opening Jesus is the Door to more. (I have come that you may have life and life more abundantly!  John 10v.10b)

Love you,

Lee Andrews


Monday, May 23 2011

Behold I do a new thing! Isa. 43v.19

I am sensing CHANGE coming in here big time these days of May 2011. I urge you to recognize your breakthrough from afar. The father of the prodigal son recognized this long lost younger child

But while he was a long way off, his father saw him

Some of you are praying fro lost children or husbands who are still a long way off from living for God. and it has been hard to see them with your eyes of faith. But get a faith picture in your heart and see them transformed today.

felt compassion for him,

I had a family member on drugs that I prayed long for, but at one point I lost all compassion for them. Sadly for me, tt was not until they were near death that I regained it. Do better than I did.

and ran and embraced and kissed him.

You can do that through prayer today and as you await their return to the their senses.

Expect breakthrough. Welcome change that God is sending.

Blessings on your exceptional week,

Love you so,


Friday, May 20 2011

When (Goliath) rose and came and drew near to meet David, David ran quickly toward the battle line. 1 Sam.17v.48

      Last night my mom choked on a peanut in the super-center parking lot and I yelled out for help as I tried to help her in distress. A tall man was passing by and veered over when he heard me, but he said he didn't know Heimlich. I kept yelling as loudly as I could, and a group of men came out of the store. One of them made eye contact as I screamed and began to run full-speed towards us. He was the one. A champion for our cause. In two minutes Mom was fine. There were enough men surrounding the car to have turned her upside down if necessary. Our champion was an active-duty Navy man, knew the maneuver and was trained to not fear a "life&death cry". I asked if he was a fireman; he seemed so confident and focused.

      There is a Champion for your righteous cause. There is One coming to rescue. The righteous cry and the Lord hears. There is an unlocking of the situation that seems impossible. In a moment, in an instant your help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth.

Blessings on your weekend,

love from a very grateful Lee and Miz Melenda

Thursday, May 19 2011

Ask of Me and I will surely give you the nations as your inheritance...Ps.2v.8

     I am asking today. I am asking God to make me a soulwinner. Daily I encounter people whom I sense God is greatly longing for. His desire to reach them is so pronounced. I embark upon the goofiest conversations with them about whatever it is they are into. Why? Looking for a hook, looking for a door, tapping in search of their heart issue. I need to improve my serve and the Holy Ghost, My Helper, will school me about the fish. Help!

Father: Make me a fisher of men. I want to hit the mark and win the person I will talk with today for You!

You are wise & you win souls! And you love it!

Lee Andrews

Wednesday, May 18 2011

I called upon the Lord in distress: the Lord answered and set me in a large place. Ps. 118v.5

      Today I heard "painless passages" and this scripture came to mind. What is the Lord saying? Tight, tough places of limited opportunity are giving way to enlargement. And as sign this is of Him, the channel leading to this new birth is not hurting us anymore. We're heading to the halfway mark of the Year 2011 and it is time to take stock of where we are regarding the Words of Prophecy for this year. Take some out and re-read them. I know I said this would be a year of deliverance and today's "painless passages" is deliverance in the form of a first-class ticket with frills. I'll take it! This is also year of many commemorative moments. We are heading into 12 and divine order/fulfillment, so many things are winding down, finishing up, closing out, cutting off and ending.  Change itself is a passageway for life's forward march. As Joshua said to the children of Israel at Jericho: Go forward!

Father: Take me through this - all the way to the other side. Father, May I take big steps to my large place today!!!

Love you,

Lee Andrews

Tuesday, May 17 2011

He who covers and forgives an offense seeks love...Prov.17v.9

     Another great inspiration for covering offences is the thought that yours, too, will be totally overshadowed by the mercy of a loving brother or sister-in-Christ. This is a choice and it requires a decision. Not often does our human flesh happily choose to overlook a hurtful wrong done or a stinging slight. But if we are after something more than revenge or than gratifying our flesh by shooting a smarty-pants remark back at the offender, we must erase the counter. Do they deserve it? Do you? Christianity is not about getting what we deserve. The Cross is what we deserve, but Jesus took it for us. With His blood He made a way for sin to be erased. Now there is more life for me and you - stretching all the way past today into Eternity. Through the Power of His Love. Your love can be just as fruitful, just as rich, just as influential. Seek Love. Make it your aim!

Blessings on your day,

Lee Andrews

Monday, May 16 2011

Blessed is the man who fears the Lord...who conducts his affairs with justice...Ps.112 Men who by faith subdued kingdoms. administered justice, obtained promised blessings, closed the mouth of lions...Heb 11 v.33 (AMP)

     Can God's justice be administered at your stop at the drive-thru for a morning coffee? Did I conduct my grocery store check-out affairs justly? "Justly" means did I do it right? Was God satisfied by how I handled that tiny corner of the my Life on Earth? What I like about Ps 112 is the assurance that my heart will not fear bad news or anything that comes up, if I put the fear of God FIRST in my life. Everything else will fall into place no matter how wild the storm seems for a minute. If my heart is in right-standing with the Lord ( righteous, all sin confessed and repented for), then my heart will be the boss of my day and my week. My heart will conduct, judge, discern and call the shots as I move through the storms and the seasons of life. Fear will not lead me by the nose or back me up into a corner.

Strike up the band. Face the Music. Conduct the symphony of your life in agreement with the Word and Power of God this week. Liberty and Justice for All!

Blessings on your week!

Love you guys,

Lee Andrews

Friday, May 13 2011

One night the Master spoke to Paul in a dream: "Keep it up, and don't let anyone intimidate you or silence you"....That was all Paul needed to stick it out. Acts 18, The Message Bible

     What do you need to stick it out? God has it for you today. Strength supplied for one more step, one more day of confessing the Word, one more recharge of patience to see God's plan unfold before you. Great expectations are pregnant with so much good fruit. Keep going to sleep and waking up in faith. The Word of Promise you have planted in your heart is growing, growing growing!

Blessings on your beautiful weekend. Pray for me as I minister tomorrow and join us if you can- Can You Depend on the Anointing? at HBU's Mabee, 7502 Fondren, 77074, 10 to 12noon

I love you,

Lee Andrews

Thursday, May 12 2011

I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth. My soul shall make its boast in the Lord... Ps. 34

       Is your boasting about God getting bigger? Is your praise getting bigger everyday? "To magnify" means to make bigger. (O magnify the Lord with me!) But I find myself saying the same things about the Lord over and over again. I am sincere, but I need to deliberately increase the portion-size and the flavoring of my praise. Reading Psalms may help you creatively augment your praise. Praying in other tongues will also aid you in rolling-on-a-river-of new and endless words of praise. Reminding God of who He is with a list of the names of God might help, too.

      I believe this kind of boasting about God renews our mind to heaven's talk and heaven's way of thinking. The sad struggle many Christians had over the recent victory for the free world revealed how effectively the media has weakened our stomach muscles for war and for winning. Our big boasting in a Big God prepares our hearts to win and fully enjoy our triumph.

O magnify the Lord with me. Let us exalt His name together! Through God we shall do valiantly. It is He who has tread down our enemies!

Lee Andrews

May 12, 2011

Wednesday, May 11 2011

When the earth totters, and all the inhabitants of it, it is I who will poise and keep steady its pillars. Ps. 75v.3 (AMP)

      Poise means balance and stability. It also means to hold in a raised position. Today's verse brought to my mind that the daughters are the pillars. Is the earth tottering? As it shakes, God is keeping us on an even keel. His Forever Settled Word keeps our feet steady as the world tee-totters, back-flips and falls apart. He is holding us aloft while things are crashing down. He is not only protecting us, but He is also protecting His Harvest and our destiny. The vine is not going to drop and lose its fruit before time- even when the vineyard is being shaken.

Father: Poise me and give me poise today. Keep me steady and steadfast in Your Word. I will not fear though the earth should change and the mountains slip into the heart of the sea. (Ps.46)

Lee Andrews

May 11, 2011

Tuesday, May 10 2011

And the Lord said to Samuel. Make them a king. And Samuel said unto the men of Israel, Go ye every man unto his city. 1Sam.8v.22

      Is your home prepared as your platform for kingship? What if they said "God is about to choose a king for America? Every Christian go to your house so you'll be in place as His eyes run across the nation. " When the young man Saul was chosen to be king of Israel, he hid - out of fear or shame -.  Are you making the place where you are now a springboard into the future? Has your attitude beautified the atmosphere of your home-world? Do you have favor with the inhabitants of your home-world? Or will they be talking bad about you to the news media after your exaltation?

     I liked the confidence and authority in the voice of Samuel. He directed each man to his home/ tribal city knowing that family order and destiny go hand-in-hand.

Father: Thank you for strength today to prepare my home as a Kingdom launching-pad. It is clean, peaceful, full of Your Presence and lovely. My home is the center of my secret life in You.

Love and blessings,

Lee Andrews

 May 10, 2011

Monday, May 09 2011

All the words of my mouth are righteous...they are all plain to him who understands (and opens his heart)...Prov.8 v.8-9

      Plain, clear and simple! Not a description of your cell phone contract, but it does describe the Gospel.The Eternal God communicates with us through His Written Word and makes it plain to our open hearts. Is there something you need to understand better? Clarity and simplicity are divine virtues that can help you. They are part of His Divine Truth: the Good News is a perfect fit into every heart. I think the Lord wants to narrow our focus to enlarge our ability to reach others with His simple Gospel. The enemy complicates.

Father: Use us. Plainly and simply to reach people. They open their hearts to you as we speak wisdom they cannot refute.

Let me pray this for you: I speak a week where the complications back off, melt away, recede and lie down and be quiet. Simplicity and clarity rise up in your life like the mist God used to water Eden before He made Adam. (Gen. 2v.6) So you think straight, dream straight and go straight to hit the mark for the Kingdom!

Love you- See you this Saturday May 14th for Can You Depend on the Anointing? HBU's Mabee Theater 7502 Fondren 77074 10-12 noon.

Lee Andrews


Friday, May 06 2011

Awake, awake, put on strength and might, O arm of the Lord. Isa. 51 v.9

    Last night as I wheeled Mom out from the pool to the parking lot, one of the top trainers passed by said, "You have beautiful arms."  I didn't actually fall on the ground rolling and laughing, but I could have! That compliment did make me pull out my weights and do a few curls in front of my living room mirror. "I have beautiful arms? I have beautiful arms!" 

     Let me put my arms around you and agree with the beauty of your purpose, your promise and of your face. This is a glorious moment of victory for our nation. The shift in the world is rushing us into an awesome revival. The Arm of the Lord is embracing (and exalting) the Church. Don't be distracted. Lift up your beautiful eyes, heart, hands and arms! Get renewed strength to run and embrace God's Harvest!

Blessings on your weekend - Join us next weekend May 14th for Can You Depend On The Anointing ?- at HBU's Mabee Theater. 10-12noon.

Putting my arms around you in love,

Lee Andrews

May 6, 2011

Thursday, May 05 2011

Who stretchest out the heavens like a curtain. Ps.104v2

     These days God's great power is un-doing the work of the evil one in the area of confusion, misunderstandings, snarls, knots and snafus. In other words, God is cleaning up the mess the Destroyer works in tiny but devastating ways in our private worlds and on the larger world stage.

     The stretching out of the heavens is a picture of what I see Him doing today -smoothing His covering over our lives. Prayer irons out the details the enemy is trying to ruffle up more and more and more. I am believing for the whoosh on your life today- unsnarling knots, restoring clarity where lies have clouded good relationships, ( even between sisters-in the-Lord!). I am believing for faith to see the mess straightened out, whether it is at your office or in US government office! See His Glory stretching and straightening to prepare a people for His coming!

   When the mess is before you, say this:  Bless the Lord, O my soul. You are very great.You cover, You stretch, You lay, You make ( all those verses  1-6 of Ps. 104). At Your rebuke, Lord, the mess flees! (Remember, His rebuke is in your mouth as you decree His word!) Today!

Love you,

Lee Andrews

May 5, 2011

Wednesday, May 04 2011

He that cometh from above is above all...he that cometh from heaven is above all. John 3v.31

       Where did the idea you have come from? Where did the desire to go by there and do this, this or that come from? Where did the longing to go back home this summer come from? The heaven-born desire in your heart has God's triumph written all over it. It will surpass what seems to make sense ( reasonable, human wisdom it says in James) to our logical minds. Take "from above" to the bank. Your tithe is a heaven-window opener even in the months when you seem to have more "month" than money. Those creative ideas (May is a dreaming, creative month- don't let the devil bluff you out of it!) will take you to more banks. The surpassing greatness of His power towards us will take you places. So be confident that heaven's citizenship protects and propels the leadings the Spirit of God is breathing out on you. Go forward, laughing!

Lee Andrews

May 4, 2011

Monday, May 02 2011

Who has despised the day of small things? Zech. 4v.10

        The month of May is here and we praise God! Praise Him for a month of "first steps" as dreams manifest. Many things you are have longed for will take shape this month. The shape won't be what you imagined, but embryos look different from toddlers. Don't let disappointment over the smallness sneak in there. It is coming! The Big Dream of the future is in May's seed. It will need nurturing and watering with Words of Faith. Begin and believe! Your faithfulness has brought this budding reward! Glory to Jesus!

        Blessings on your first week of May,

 I love you,

Lee Andrews

Join us May 14 as  we study "Can You Depend on The Anointing?" Sat. May 14, 2011 at HBU's Mabee Theater, from 10 to 12noon.




from past baggage
old sin
And Lot also, which went with Abraham, had flocks and herds and tents. And the land was not able to bear them, for their substance was great...And Abraham said,
"Lot, separate thyself, I pray thee, from me." Genesis 13v.5; ...forgetting what lies behind, straining for what lies ahead. Phil.3v.13
           You can't take it with you. "It" means your (unfruitful) way of thinking, your old " it ain't working" way of working. Abraham's nephew was a dear relative, they had so much in common, so many sweet or tough memories shared. How long before we get God saying, "Separate from your old way. There is a new way."
        As always with God, you must obey the first step (separate, leave the baggage, drop it,) before the land under your foot's path for the 2nd step appears.
And the Lord said unto to Abraham AFTER that Lot was separated from him:
Lift up now thine eyes from the place where thou art northward, and southward, and eastward, and westward. For all the land that thou seetst, to thee will I give it...v.14-17
FATHER:  Show me Your new way today! I PRESS TOWARD THE PRIZE!
Love you guys more than you know,
 Lee Andrews
Will you keep silent at this time, Queen Esther? Now that you have prevailed before the King and your petition for deliverance for you and your nation from the evil Haman Hillary, will you decree, reign and use your authority? Not many days hence, about 30, the inauguration of the President God chose and we died for (died to pizza and blueberry pancakes, died to distractions to cry out, some died to fear of voting Republican for the 1st time!)) will be inaugurated. 
     Though the media is attempting to spread dishonor and rebellion,your intercession for  FULL MORDECAI HONOR will crown the event and will also REAP HONOR for you. The honor you intercede for in these 30 days to January 21 is the degree of honor that will (or won't) come to you in the New Year. God is teaching us to reign in this extraordinary season, this amazing Last Days Age. Can you honor a husband if God gave you one, a boss, a mother-in-law, can you honor the Office of the President or the Plan of God? Skimping on honor at this time, will skimp on the Glory of God!
 When God's choice is  fully honored, - as Mordecai was - God's reward is FULLY given! God gave the people of the nation light ( a new dawn of hope) and gladness and joy and honor.The enemies of the Kingdom were destroyed. Esther 8v.16 Victory is indeed sweet!
 ....And the king said to Haman/Hillary, what shall be done to the man whom the king delights to honor?...Haman answered... Let royal apparel be brought which the king has worn (NOTE: THE ANOINTING)  
 And the horse which the king has ridden 
(NOTE: same as David's instructions for Solomon's inaugurations for David's mule to be ridden) and a royal crown be set upon his head. 
Let the apparel and horse be delivered to the hand of one of the king's most noble princes. Let him array the man (NOTE: divine order- Mordecai was not putting king's robe on himself- but nobility and established order robing him) whom the king delights to honor and conduct him on horseback through the open square of the city (NOTE: We need to pray for the city- the sea of people to OPEN to Trump and not resist him whom Our king has appointed.)Esther 6v.6-9
The King's instructions in Esther 6v.10
Do so to Mordecai the Jew (Make it happen).
Leave out nothing that you have spoken. (Don't mess this up.)
We need a full Mordecai inauguration. Esther (the church) has prevailed before the King.We won. We Arise, We Shine for Our light has come!
Lee Andrews
December 21, 2016

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