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Friday, May 28 2010

Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word.  John 17 1v.20 KJV


   Jesus has already prayed for future believers who will come to Him because of our words. Words we haven't spoken yet; words for people we haven't met yet. But He has already covered them in His Blood. Some of these words are way out there in the future. But some are  "now" words of deliverance that should be tripping off our tongues in just a second: Hey Ma'am, Hey Mister. Here's help. Here's how. This way is up; that way is down.

   Don't worry if you don't have all the words a future believer may need to open his/her heart to Jesus. Your word could be the watering word, someone else could have the planting word. But one day someone will have the reaping word- God is bringing increase. Are we sending the word out from our mouths?

   Something I used to do and I need to start doing again is praying each day for words to make one believer that day. A fresh fisherman's catch of the day!

Father, Thank you for those who will believe in You because of what I say. Thank you for the future believers assigned to me -  my children, husband, neighbours and co-workers, my world -  believing you through my words of my mouth. Anoint me!

Lee Andrews

May 28, 2010


Thursday, May 27 2010

If you stay away from sin you will be like one of these dishes made of purest gold - the very best in the house - so that Christ himself can use you for his highest purposes. 2 Tim.2v.21TLB


    A trophy is anything kept as a memento of a victory. It marks the moment when you prevailed and overcame. For this morning's study, the Lord is connecting the holy vessel fit for His use in Chapter II of 2nd Timothy with victory's tangible spoils. TLB reads this way: In a wealthy home there are dishes made of gold and silver as well as some made from wood and clay. The expensive dishes are used for guests and the cheap ones are used in the kitchen or to put garbage in.

    We are God's trophies and we are mementos of Jesus' great victory at Calvary. And God is certainly keeping us in this perilous world where life is so fragile. Everyone is precious to God, but only those who choose to live holy, set-apart lives will be used for the "guests" about to pour into His house in the revival coming upon the earth. 

     I had a time where God could only trust me to take the garbage out. (And I had to learn not to complain as I did it!) He was getting more garbage out of me in the process. From time to time there are hidden seasons in the kitchen and in the back rooms of His Great House of Service, but I want to get into the drawing room as He draws all men unto Him. I want to be at the entry hall reaching for the scared, sick and shy ones. "Come on in here!"

Father, I choose to cleanse and purge myself. I want to live holy and be a vessel of gold, fit for the Master's use.

Lee Andrews

May 27, 2010

Wednesday, May 26 2010

The house was filled with fragrance. But Judas Iscariot ... said, That perfume was worth a fortune. It should have been sold and the money given to the poor. John 12 v.4 TLB

    In God's Kingdom value is not determined by the price people are willing to pay. In our economy it is. During Houston's Days of Ike, people were willing to "pay the price" of standing in line in the hot sun for a case of bottled water or a bag of ice. Not so today!  Today's value of that same case of water on the open market is maybe $3.99! Who would waste their time waiting in line for it now?

     Sometimes God sends us or requires us to pour out the precious perfume of our lives on the most obscure, smallest, minor, hidden assignments! I sometimes find myself asking Him, "Who cares if I run out into the parking lot to find the lady who left her sunglasses in the bathroom at Target's?" Couldn't I just give it to the clerk? My mom is with me in the wheelchair, you know. No, suddenly I am anointed to find her. I simply must find her- over there, getting into her SUV, give the sunglasses and meet her open heart for 50 seconds of His Love.

    I am discovering the fragrance of Jesus is filling the whole house of our life on earth. People are desperate to find Him. The value of our anointing to reach the lost is increasing on the open market of souls. Daily, more and more it is coming. I don't want to be my Judas-self and walk around in this perfumed Glory cloud saying, "Why this waste?" God is anointing us and giving us opportunities to reap the harvest. Yes, there is the stink of defilement trying to ambush us at every corner of our present lives, but where sin abounds, beautiful smelling grace abounds even more!

Lee Andrews

May 26, 2010

Tuesday, May 25 2010

 By wisdom a house is built...Prov 24v.3 NAS; A wise woman builds her house; but the foolish one tears hers down by her own efforts. Prov. 14 v.1 TLB

    "You don't have to wait for the doctor to get here for the procedure. Lee, our Italian interpreter, has seen it done so many times, you could go ahead and let her do it," a transplant nurse joked to the crowd of people waiting in a famous physician's clinic. But they all decided it would be better to wait for the one who knew a little more. Insight into God's plan and purpose is needed to make something. That is basically what Prov. 24 v.3 is saying. Let God be the starting point for everything you put your hands to. The Bible is telling us so!  Without Him, we can do nothing. But it is too easy to think, Well, there are a few things I can do on my own. I could just get started and He'll bless it."

        Waiting is built into the the building process outlined in Prov. 24 v.4. Wisdom, understanding and knowledge are acquired over time. Tearing down, as I can testify from my own mistakes, is quick and easy to do. The debris from the destruction - shame and disappointment that I know about firsthand - can cling to you. It takes the Blood of Jesus to deliver us from the sin residue of "tearing down by your own efforts". But if you wait for wisdom to build, you get smarter in the process and you'll get more - more of God and more of the goodies! The rooms of your life will be filled with precious and pleasant riches- Prov.24 v.3 (AMP)

Lee Andrews

May 25, 2010

Monday, May 24 2010

The Spirit of God was moving... Gen. 1v.2b

    The Spirit of God is moving over the face of this week, just as He hovered and brooded over the waters in Genesis I at the beginning of creation. And God said, "Let there be light!"  We thank Him for the light of His Word giving us revelation about His purposes and His pleasure for this week of our lives.

     I know you and I are working this week, but aren't you glad the Bible says that It is God who is at work?  This week He is effectually at work in you, energizing and creating in you the power and the desire both to will and to work for His pleasure, satisfaction and delight! Phil. 2v.13

     Father, Unfold this week like a red carpet of Your Passion and Precision. We repent for last week's dropped balls and any poor attitudes. We'll do better this week as we stay in step with Your Spirit. Move on us, O God!

Lee Andrews

May 24, 2010

Friday, May 21 2010

Enlarge the place of your tent; stretch out the curtains of your dwellings, spare not...Isa. 54 v.2

    "Broaden" your secret life in God. Make your hidden life in God like New York's Broadway- wide open, shining, clearly conspicuous from a distance. Spare not- when it comes to prayer and communion with God. Broad, wide open, shining and clearly conspicuous from a distance are all definitions of the Hebrew words in Isaiah 54.v2, our scripture for today's message of enlarging our secret life in God.

     Spare not! I remember a great beauty in Europe describing a friend of hers who kept from smiling so she wouldn't get wrinkles! What was she saving her face for - to look good in her coffin? Years of smiles held back!  Spare not, Lee! I know I'm preaching to myself, but what is there that is more precious than my secret life in God? I am talking about the part of your life that no one sees or knows about. Just you and God. But everyone will benefit from the enlargement of your secret life.

      Yes, we can learn to practice His Presence while doing our chores- and that , too, is a stretching. But my question for myself is : How much rest do I need? How many more loads of washing or phone calls or meds to crush/prep before I make room for the Glory?

Father, Help me to make way, make way for the King is coming! Strengthen my will to enlarge the place I give You today!

Lee Andrews

May 21, 2010

Thursday, May 20 2010

How often I wanted to gather your children together, the way a hen gathers her chicks under her wings...Matthew 23v.37

    Today God has put it in my heart to pray a mothering prayer for you. The heart of Jesus gathered and embraced people. A carpenter at heart, He assembled and His word warns us not to forsake His assembling. If you are love-starved, you may need to check for recent forsaking of the assembling. The Bible says it is the place where we "attentively, continuously care and watch over each other and stir up each other to love and helpful deeds and noble activities." ( Heb. 10 v.24)  The church is where He puts us "back together" and puts us together with others in the Body of Christ. The carpenter then "jointly fits us together" with our brothers and sisters in the Lord. The puzzle pieces smoothly and perfectly gathered, assembled and built into something bigger than our individual lives- The Kingdom of God in the earth!

Father, I pray thy Kingdom come in the lives of each of your children reading this today. I pray a gathering and not a scattering in their lives.  They know their assembling place and they feed on the abundance of Your house! I come against the forces coming against them and I say no weapon formed against them will prosper. A refuge for their hearts, minds and bodies. Eagle-eyed to see the big picture and wisdom to know the strategy to take the land. I especially pray for hearts to be at rest. Normal heart rhythms in Jesus' name.

Lee Andrews

May 20, 2010

Wednesday, May 19 2010

And in the same way - by our faith - the Holy Spirit helps us with our daily problems and with our praying. Rom.8v.26 TLB

So too the Holy Spirit comes to our aid and bears us up in our weakness..Rom 8v.26 AMP


    To rescue means to set free from danger, imprisonment or evil - it also means to retake, recover, recapture, reclaim and release. The Bible is saying that this is the Holy Spirit's daily work in our lives. Everyday The Spirit of God devotes Himself to our recovery and recapture of God's best. (When I think of the days I have wasted pulling my hair out or wanting to pull somebody else's hair out! Lord, forgive me for squandering power and authority!)

     The context of today's scriptures moves our focus to the trigger for Spirit Rescue - prayer in the Holy Ghost -. Keep your faith strong in the Rescue Operation of Praying in the Spirit. Keep your faith strong in the Rescue Operation of "groanings too deep for words." Does it have to sound deep? Some of the most effective intercessors I know do not sound deep when they pray in the Spirit. Watch it if your funny flesh is like my funny flesh. Or you might miss your rescue!  God taught me a lesson years ago. I judged the sound of someone's prayer language as we interceded together and categorized it. When I had the hallowed privilege of a private prayer time with a mighty intercessor in Europe, she made exactly the same sounds as the person I had stupidly judged.

Father, Rescue me! I open my mouth wide to pray in the Holy Ghost- Pray through me!

Lee Andrews

May 19, 2010

Tuesday, May 18 2010

 And David said, What have I done now? Is there not a cause? 1 Sam. 17 v.29

   You may have an older brother like David's or a co-worker, or even a good friend who will question your motives at destiny's crunch-time. They know you and they love you, but as the young red-headed boy said, "There is a cause bigger than the limits your brother or co-worker have set for you."

     Is there a hero on the inside of you? A super-hero fueled and nurtured by the supernatural power of the Word of God, ready and waiting for the opportunity to intervene and change the natural, pitiful order of things! (Hey, that is what a miracle is- God intervening and changing the natural order of things  that permitted the cancer, lack, the breakdown.)

    Arise, shine for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you at the supermarket, at the gas station, in the break room and at your mother-in-law's house! 

    Love you so,

Lee Andrews

May 18, 2010

Monday, May 17 2010

Are you unmindful or actually ignorant of the fact that God's kindness is intended to lead you to repent (to change your mind and inner man to accept God's will)? Rom. 2v.4 AMP


      I missed it again in a new, good habit I am trying to establish. (I'll do better!) But even while I was beating myself up about it, several phone calls brought news of God's favor unravelling knots. I felt like I had failed Him, but He had not failed me. As thoughts of our Father's kindness came to my mind, our scripture for today arose in my heart. God could lead us to repentance with a big stick. But He loves us so much He wants big, fluffy love to cuddle us into throwing off every weight, every encumbrance blocking our progress. How close do you want to get to Him? How quickly do you want to access the Master of the Universe and the Lover of your soul?

Father, Change me by Your Love today!

Lee Andrews

May 17, 2010


Friday, May 14 2010

And the spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord. Isa. 11v.2


     Even if you had five personal trainers, exercised twice daily for hours and ate only organic super-food, your flesh would fail to get it all done. It is not by power nor by (human) might, but by His Spirit. There is a Spirit of Might, where God's strength comes upon us to finish and to flourish. That is my urgent prayer for you today:

Father, I thank you for your Spirit of Might coming upon everyone reading this today. You see the travel stains of life on us- the wear and tear of the Age pulling on us. The gravity of the hour we live in and the force of gravity working on our human frame. Come upon us now I pray!  Enable us - (The Holy Ghost Enables!) - to do all You have set before us. Refresh, renew- Say these words after me: The Might of God is on me! I am mighty! I am strong in the Lord and in the power of His might!

Go, girl, go! Love you guys!

Lee Andrews

May 14, 2010


Thursday, May 13 2010

For there is nothing to prevent the Lord from saving by many or by few. 

1 Sam.14v.6

     How many people do you need with you for victory? Ask Gideon about his army of tens of thousands reduced to three hundred in a flash! How many prayer warriors in agreement will it take to get your answer? The message in our reading today is: take the limits off your faith in a limitless God.

      Jonathan's faith and courage did not just kill 20 of the enemy forces on enemy territory. His act of faith triggered an actual earthquake. Talk about our faith moving God to move on our behalf:

"And the first slaughter which Jonathan and his armor-bearer made was about twenty men within a half acre of land...

And there was trembling and panic in the Philistine camp, in the field and among all the men; the garrison, and even the raiders trembled;the earth quaked, and it became a terror from God." v.14-15

     God will terrify all the enemy forces that are opposing and resisting your complete victory. Because of your one, bold, gutsy, Spirit-born step of faith!

Father, Jesus is my best friend, always with me to save more, bigger and forever!

Lee Andrews

May 13, 2010

Wednesday, May 12 2010

It is the Lord that advanced Moses...1 Sam.12V.6

     Advance means to to propose as an opinion, to move forward, to promote, and to increase. The Hebrew word "asah" used here in verse 6 also means to prepare. Part of our preparation for increase is having the right opinion about advancement. Are you in agreement with God about going forward? (Can two walk together unless they be in agreement? - Amos asks us that!) Are you in agreement with yourself about promotion?

     I know a strong woman of faith who was blessed with a huge, gorgeous home but lived out of her bedroom, camping with trays. She was afraid to live in her gorgeous sitting room or den or prayer room. Hey, what if she got used to all that space and then went into foreclosure? Don't judge! I've done the same thing in relationships and with money. I've been afraid to live out of God's whole Plan for a particular relationship or afraid to release money when He wanted me to wholly invest in the Kingdom.

      Advancement comes from heaven. Every good gift comes down from the Father. Bringing our will into alignment with His word will prepare us to go forward in freedom, advancing our lives and the Kingdom of God. God is entrusting us with promotion, will we trust Him and advance?

Lee Andrews

May 12, 2010

Tuesday, May 11 2010

The donkeys which you went to look for have been found. Now behold, your father has ceased to be concerned about the donkeys and is anxious for you, saying, "What shall I do about my son?" 1 Samuel 10 v.2

Behold I and the children whom the Lord has given me are for signs and wonders that are to take place... Isaiah 8v.18 (AMP)


     "What shall I do about my son?"  Kish, the father asking that question in our Bible reading, had sent his tall, strong son to do a job for him. "Hey boy, go find the family's donkeys and bring them back here!"  But on the way Saul walked into destiny and stumbled on God's job for his entire life.

       God is enlarging the tent pegs of your children's lives. Some things you have given them to do, expected them to do and are waiting anxiously for them to do are part of the side-lines and not God's main event for them. There is a tension I sense this morning as I read of Kish's disappointment over the failed assignment blending into a disappointment over his son. Is your child where you want him to be? Could the steps of life be taking him where God wants him to be?

Father, Eye has not seen nor has ear heard the great things you have prepared for those who love you. Let your great Plan enter into our hearts today. (1 Cor. 2v.9)

Lee Andrews

May 11, 2010





Monday, May 10 2010

Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old.

Isa. 43v.18

    As the battle of life intensifies, we will take a few hits and suffer some loses on our way to victory. Don't remember the loses. Use them to grow in wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Then "loss" will profit you and not the devil. But toss the memory of them out like tossing out yesterday's garbage.

     The second scripture that came to me for today is: Love is not provoked, 1 Cor.13v.5.  Remembering our loses can make us "touchy, fretful and resentful," as the Amplified Bible describes. The more garbage we remember and carry from our sore war stories (of ten years ago or ten days ago), the more tender to the touch we become. Tough love is not just meant for others; we also must apply it to ourselves. It will hurt less if our skin is unbroken by the old, jagged pieces. Discard that part of the history. You have overcome.

Father, Thank you for the new thing you are doing! Behold I believe and I see it!

Lee Andrews

May 10, 2010

Friday, May 07 2010

Until the time that his word came: the word of the Lord tried him. Ps. 105 v.19-20

    Have you ever tried furniture in different parts of a room? You try it this way and discover a wall is not straight. Shove the bookcase over and a window ledge gets in the way! Joseph, the subject of our Bible reading today, had a word as a teenager that he would rule - even over his family. After being kidnapped and sold into slavery through his brothers' jealousy, he was "tried" by ruling in every difficult situation he faced. As a slave and as a prisoner over those tough years, Joseph ruled in righteousness and with integrity. In every angle God "tried" him - like a piece of furniture- Joseph learned to fit, to flourish and to find God.

Father, I pray for everyone reading this today. That as each one "tries on" the great words you have spoken over their life, the "future" fits.  Give them an abundance of grace to reign in life as kings today through Jesus Christ (Rom. 5v.17).

I love you,

Lee Andrews

May 7, 2010


Thursday, May 06 2010

Stay right here behind my women workers...Ruth 2v.8 TLB;  Be not slothful, but followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises. Heb. 6v.12 KJV


    When Boaz spotted cute Ruth in his field, God put it in the wealthy farmer's heart to tell her to keep her eyes on the field that his women workers were reaping. "Go after them," he said. And that is what I hear the Lord saying today. Is your Pastor's wife a hard act to follow? I remember running across the street in my sweats as a guest at a 6:00 am prayer meeting years ago. Joyce Banning, the wife of the Host Pastor, was beautifully dressed and perfectly coifed. Her make-up , jewelry, perfume and warm, wide smile were all exquisitely in place. "Boy," I thought, "I've got a lot to learn about being a woman for God.

     That example wasn't just about physical appearances. We know that internal discipline determines the external - what we look like, are we there on time, etc. Victory comes from the inside out- from a heart of faith and reverence for God. If you don't have a church home, then you don't have a Pastor's wife to lead you. If you feel you are better qualified to lead your Pastor's wife than she is to lead you, then pray. Pray and repent for your pride- and pray for her! That is probably why God put you there.

Father, I submit my heart to follow Your women workers in this field where You have brought me. Help me keep my eyes on them as they reap. I'm going after them for the harvest!

Lee Andrews

May 6, 2010

Wednesday, May 05 2010

And again they cried together, and Orpah kissed her mother-in-law good-bye, and returned to her childhood home;but Ruth insisted on staying with Naomi. Ruth 1v.14 KJV

   The story of Ruth takes a heathen girl out of darkness to shine in God's kingdom and give birth to a royal line of Kings - a line that even includes the King of Kings! Today I sense her example giving honor to the role of the woman in founding a home and faithfully taking steps that make a holy history for your family. Ground-breaking foundations that snatch destiny out of the poverty-lion's mouth require strength. It is the same pioneering strength that an apostle carries. Without that strength the purposes of God will not be fulfilled in the earth.

    Homemaking is not much of a virtue to many people, but creating a power haven of heaven on earth - a Way Station for Angels in this intense hour we live in - is vitally needed. One woman's decision, one woman's determination is all it takes to establish a foundation that reaches all the way to eternity. The Bible tells us that after Ruth's famous decision not to leave Naomi, the famine was over in her life. When the two of them arrived in Bethelem, the famine was over. When Purpose carries us past life-hurdles, we get to Bethelem just at the start of the barley harvest. (Ruth 1 v.22)

Lee Andrews

May 5,2010


Tuesday, May 04 2010

But the friend of the bridegroom which standeth and heareth him, rejoiceth greatly because of the bridegroom's voice. John 3 v.29 King James; A bridegroom's friends rejoice with him. I am the Bridegroom's friend, and I am filled with joy at His success. The Living Bible.

    Have you noticed your friends' increasing in blessing as we approach the halfway mark of 2010- Year of Increase? Have you noticed their success, their breakthroughs, engagements, new houses, new jobs? Increase is all around for the covenant people of God and He is putting this year's victory trophies on very open display. Suddenly I find myself buying so many celebration cards to mark never-before-blessings in the lives of the people I know. Increase is accelerating for those with the faith and the courage to change and grab hold of more! (Some have been waiting so long!)

    There is a test when we are the friend of the bridegroom and not yet the bride. Can we really "rejoice greatly" with our buddy? Most of us are mature enough to recognize and fight any inkling of jealousy, but how happy are you about them easing on down to take the Victory Lap right under your nose? God is testing our hearts on the happiness meter. The assaults of life can wear down our heart's resilience and make it lose some of that silly-putty elastic joy over someone else's breakthrough. Even when we have helped pray for them to possess this prize!

Father, Condition my heart for exceeding, abundantly more than all I ever imagined her getting before I get it! Make me truly happy as you make my friends into radiant brides, business owners and successful overcomers in life. Be glorified in my buddies!

Lee Andrews

May 4, 2010

Monday, May 03 2010

Draw me! We will run after you. S. of Sol.1v.4

   When I came back inside the church to my seat, a small white index card was propped against my mom's side. It read: Do you know that you are a blessing just sitting there, and like a magnet, drawing people's love toward you?

   What do I know about " Drawing Love"? Here I am on a Monday morning with my list of injustices to cry out about, snafus to unravel and hang on the phone about, but I hear Eternity calling. God is yearning for His harvest and investing Drawing Love in people like you and me. He wants to make us irresistible to the harvest. They are going to run after you - after the words of your mouth, after the miracles worked by your hands! Just as the note that described my mother, it will require no sweat from us.

Father, Your name is like ointment poured out. Make me fragrant so I turn heads, then You turn their hearts. Draw me this week. We run after you!

Lee Andrews

May 3, 2010




from past baggage
old sin
And Lot also, which went with Abraham, had flocks and herds and tents. And the land was not able to bear them, for their substance was great...And Abraham said,
"Lot, separate thyself, I pray thee, from me." Genesis 13v.5; ...forgetting what lies behind, straining for what lies ahead. Phil.3v.13
           You can't take it with you. "It" means your (unfruitful) way of thinking, your old " it ain't working" way of working. Abraham's nephew was a dear relative, they had so much in common, so many sweet or tough memories shared. How long before we get God saying, "Separate from your old way. There is a new way."
        As always with God, you must obey the first step (separate, leave the baggage, drop it,) before the land under your foot's path for the 2nd step appears.
And the Lord said unto to Abraham AFTER that Lot was separated from him:
Lift up now thine eyes from the place where thou art northward, and southward, and eastward, and westward. For all the land that thou seetst, to thee will I give it...v.14-17
FATHER:  Show me Your new way today! I PRESS TOWARD THE PRIZE!
Love you guys more than you know,
 Lee Andrews
Will you keep silent at this time, Queen Esther? Now that you have prevailed before the King and your petition for deliverance for you and your nation from the evil Haman Hillary, will you decree, reign and use your authority? Not many days hence, about 30, the inauguration of the President God chose and we died for (died to pizza and blueberry pancakes, died to distractions to cry out, some died to fear of voting Republican for the 1st time!)) will be inaugurated. 
     Though the media is attempting to spread dishonor and rebellion,your intercession for  FULL MORDECAI HONOR will crown the event and will also REAP HONOR for you. The honor you intercede for in these 30 days to January 21 is the degree of honor that will (or won't) come to you in the New Year. God is teaching us to reign in this extraordinary season, this amazing Last Days Age. Can you honor a husband if God gave you one, a boss, a mother-in-law, can you honor the Office of the President or the Plan of God? Skimping on honor at this time, will skimp on the Glory of God!
 When God's choice is  fully honored, - as Mordecai was - God's reward is FULLY given! God gave the people of the nation light ( a new dawn of hope) and gladness and joy and honor.The enemies of the Kingdom were destroyed. Esther 8v.16 Victory is indeed sweet!
 ....And the king said to Haman/Hillary, what shall be done to the man whom the king delights to honor?...Haman answered... Let royal apparel be brought which the king has worn (NOTE: THE ANOINTING)  
 And the horse which the king has ridden 
(NOTE: same as David's instructions for Solomon's inaugurations for David's mule to be ridden) and a royal crown be set upon his head. 
Let the apparel and horse be delivered to the hand of one of the king's most noble princes. Let him array the man (NOTE: divine order- Mordecai was not putting king's robe on himself- but nobility and established order robing him) whom the king delights to honor and conduct him on horseback through the open square of the city (NOTE: We need to pray for the city- the sea of people to OPEN to Trump and not resist him whom Our king has appointed.)Esther 6v.6-9
The King's instructions in Esther 6v.10
Do so to Mordecai the Jew (Make it happen).
Leave out nothing that you have spoken. (Don't mess this up.)
We need a full Mordecai inauguration. Esther (the church) has prevailed before the King.We won. We Arise, We Shine for Our light has come!
Lee Andrews
December 21, 2016

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