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Friday, April 30 2010

And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father) full of grace and truth. John 1v.14


     The Word of God becomes flesh every time we use it to help mould, shape and change this world of ours. The Gulf Coast oil spill brought Genesis 8 v. 2 - the fountains of the deep were closed - to my spirit as I read a news report of how the robots failed to shut off the deep well. I prayed that out as I got my mother ready for bed last night. The Word still wants to invade our world and we are God's deputized and legal agents for His glory to come in.

     The Word becoming flesh as you decree things and intercede is not about us staying up all night policing the world, but it is about impregnation. You get so full of God that injustice and enemy attacks are overwhelmed by our authority's release of Glory. Victory for the Christian is all about birth in spite of death's puny attempts to kill. Future springs forth that is born of God and world-overcoming (1 John 5v.4). Things are changed and people are inspired to believe God when the Word becomes flesh in multiplied Christians everywhere.

Father, Here I am, use me.

Lee Andrews

April 30, 2010





Thursday, April 29 2010

Did not our heart burn within us, while he talked with us by the way, and while he opened to us the scriptures? Luke 24v.32


    Yesterday I sat in a lay minister's graduation service in a Medical Center chapel and heard a United Methodist leader speak on power, miracles and mantles being passed! I had gone there to honor a friend and had expected dead words, boring but sweet. Instead my heart burned within me! Why?  I was very unexpectedly witnessing the city's longing for God's sons and daughters to be revealed.

    In the midst of all you are facing personally - with job, with family, health or finances - God is calling us to lead the band and face the music.  His loud (so loud everybody can hear it!), strong (so strong everybody can step in time to His beat!) music. His call to our city is locating us. Do you know where you are in His big picture? Are your priorities right? Revival means we'll need faith to short-cut some of life's issues while we work to get God's harvest in the barn. Got a problem with people? Deal with that weakness now before the power of God surges through you and short-circuits your bad wires.

    (I'm talking to myself, too! After attending the service I was suddenly so tired, I couldn't get Mom to the pool. My body and soul need restoring as I see the dream ahead and long to walk into it.)

Father, Our hearts are burning for revival in our city. Restore our souls and make us strong for the harvest!

Lee Andrews

April 29, 2010


Wednesday, April 28 2010

Their cries have reached the ears of the Lord of Hosts. James 5 v.4  I have given heed to their cry because of their taskmasters...The cry of the sons of Israel has come to Me. Exodus 3v.7,9

   The cry was missing. I had been chewing over an issue, praying around it, talking about it with my prayer partners, but I wasn't moving "it" or me! Stand-off. Blocked. Until early this morning when I read these words: "And when Jesus had cried with a loud voice..."

     Is your cry missing? You see the injustice, you see the promise, but your prayers don't seem to have enough umph! to them to get the job done. Cry out! Like I did this morning. Jesus, thy Son of David, see this- fix it for me, Father. Make it right. My prayers about my issue got some anointing on them this morning and things were prayed out and straightened out in the Spirit. The righteous cry and the Lord hears! Ps. 34v.17

Lee Andrews

April 28, 2010

Tuesday, April 27 2010

In thy presence is fulness of joy; At thy right hand there are pleasures forevermore. Ps.16v.11

    When Joseph took his sons to get a blessing from his dying father (Gen. 48v.13), he tried to put the older boy at the grandfather's right hand. First-born privileges are bestowed by that right hand. But aren't you glad that our psalm today (which was written by the youngest of a bunch of sons) promises a right-hand spot to all those who will make the Lord their God? David even said in verse 8 that the Lord was at his right hand. Meaning:The Lord is confirming and affirming me and my actions. Hey, God and me are tight!

      I want to remind you how worthwhile the fight to get into His presence is. Yes, you have a birth-right as born-again sons and daughters of the Most High, but are you actively taking your place at His right hand? The Old Testament talks about "captains who lean on the King's arm." These choice leaders are so close to the King that they can whisper in His ear. At His right hand they hear secrets from the Lord that nobody else can.

Father, I want to be at Your right hand. Forgive me when I let life keep me far from You. Hold me close.

Lee Andrews

April 27, 2010

Monday, April 26 2010

Now therefore give me this mountain... Jos. 14v.12

     My mom celebrated her 90th birthday Sunday and her word about life is, "Give me more." As this week unfolds before us, I sense the Lord urging you to take this week's mountain. Whatever you are facing, add it to victory's history in your life.

       Drinking water is one of my mom's mountains (pray for her). We go up it together several times a day as I preach one more sip for the "Gipper," for America, for all Black people. We come to the Cross at one of our daily mountain crossings and Jesus helps her (and me) through. We drink from His river of delights!

        Judges Chap.1 tells how after the death of the great Joshua, the children of Israel inquired of the Lord, saying "Who shall go up first for us against the Canaanites, to fight against them?"  Your first challenge of the week may look like that. The Lord's choice was Caleb's tribe, Judah. God chose the man who chose the mountain to be His breaker and His pioneer.

 Father, Give me the mountain of this week. Give the excellent, different, pioneering spirit of Caleb. More life for Your Glory!

Lee Andrews

April 26, 2010


Friday, April 23 2010

They know the message is true, and sort of believe for awhile, but when the hot winds of persecution blow, they lose interest. Luke 8v.13b, The Living Bible

      If you've been feeling like someone is chasing after you, you're right! The word "persecution" means to pursue, to pursue in order to injure, afflict, or ill-treat, as for religious opinions. The devil is pursuing you and me: Honey, these days we are all feeling the heat! But the enemy is not after me or you, he is pursuing the Word of God. That is his target; to steal, kill or destroy Truth. But don't move away from satan's target to try to save yourself some trouble. No, the closer you get to the Word, the closer we get to an overcoming, victorious life. A fight, yes, but one you win in spite of the pressure of persecution.

        Persecution comes in different forms and levels. You increase your tithe and both family cars break down on the same day. (The warranty ran out the day before.) You align yourself with God's Word about walking in divine health and never-seen-before challenges come to test your resolve. You determine to get up early and pray but insomnia hits, keeping you awake every night until 3:00 am! Don't take it personally. The hot winds of persecution blow in every life. We can also help each other to stand when things heat up. Even though the enemy is a master of torture, our Master of the Universe helps you endure the pressure while the Word works its perfect, unstoppable, triumphant work in you!

Lee Andrews

April 23, 2010


Thursday, April 22 2010

That on the night when Judas betrayed Him, The Lord Jesus took bread, and when he had given thanks to God for it, he broke it and gave it to his disciples and said, "Take this and eat it. This is my body which is given for you." I Cor. 11 v.23-24

He who did not spare His own son, but delivered Him up for us all, how will He not also with Him freely give us all things? Rom. 8:32


    A good leader multiplies himself, and as most godly leaders can tell you, that requires dying. Jesus took a small symbol of his own "human" frame - a piece of bread - to make a picture for the people He was leading. "Take a piece of Me, I give it to you." There are plenty employees who would like to take a piece of their boss!  Maybe they want to take a piece of him behind the woodshed over cuts in pay, being passed over for promotion or unfair treatment.

    It is interesting to note that Jesus fed some of Himself to every single one of the people working with Him, whether in the Inner Circle (John) or actively planning his betrayal (Judas). He even gave the same quantity and quality of the best part of Himself to all. Part of our freedom in giving is releasing the people to the Lord after we have given our best. Only God knows who will eat heaven's bread and become more heavenly and who will eat it and be more hell-bent. As God's leaders in the workplace helping people or in ministry, freely we have received and freely we give. No strings attached to worry over after executing leadership decisions and no strings attached to control the people. Free!

Father, Help me today to lead and to freely give away the best part of me - Christ in me, the hope of glory! 

Lee Andrews

April 22, 2010


Wednesday, April 21 2010

But unto Hannah he gave a worthy portion...but the Lord had shut up her womb... And her adversary also provoked her sore for to make her fret. I Sam.1 v.4-5

     Peninnah's name means pearl- a jewel formed by irritation! The provoker's name could have been Regina, Betty or Dana. We could all fill-in-the-blanks with the name of someone whose irking drove us to God's best.

     There is one thing I do to hurry-up the painful process of change when a provoker is making me sore.  Face it, Hannah changed (gloriously into a faith-powerhouse Mom of 6!) but Peninnah kept doing her mean, irritating thing.) I attach a scripture to the pain. So every time the provoker hits me, the Word goes into me.

      Every time, every time, every time I get hit, I force myself to speak, scream, cry, mumble, or shout my agreement with what the Word says about my situation. Well, eventually, that Word is going to come out of me. The creative power of the Seed of the Word will manifest and bring forth my change, my deliverance and my victory. The fruit of my lips creating the new and the better!

      This is not easy. See Hannah in the temple. Separating herself to cry out to God, vowing a holy, desperate vow and being misunderstood. (v.10) Provocation can trigger rejection if we are not strong in knowing who we are in Christ. This is not easy, but greatness never is. How many of us would be satisfied with the "worthy portion" that Hannah's husband gave her even though she was childless?  "Worthy" ain't half-bad! It does mean excellent and honorable- but could it ever take the place of the dream in your heart, of the burning desire? 

Father, When I am provoked sore, take me beyond "worthy"!  For my "Samuel" & for your Glory! 

Lee Andrews

April 21, 2010






Tuesday, April 20 2010

Not one of the good promises which the Lord had made to the house of Israel failed; all came to pass. Jos.21:45

     To fail means: to fall short; be deficient, inadequate, or lacking; not to succeed in some purpose; to become bankrupt; to forsake, disappoint; to omit to perform, as he failed to appear; to grown weaker gradually, to stop functioning!

     Just mediating on the impossibility of God's Word failing stirs up the anointing and strengthens our faith. Praise God, His Word is forever settled!

      So shall His word be which goes forth from your mouth today - (Are you saying what God says about the situation?) - It shall not return to Him (or you) empty but it shall accomplish what He desires. It shall succeed in the matter for which you sent it. Isa. 55v.11)

      Because He has promised to keep that which we have entrusted to Him, our hearts of faith won't fail us in this day of bank failures, crop failures and your favorite-celebrity-failures!  Speaking the Word and believing it ties both the eternal and the natural part of your human heart to the certain success of the Word.  His Infallible Word will keep your heart.

Father, I thank you for "all coming to pass." Your Word for me today is without fail!

Lee Andrews

April 20, 2010

Monday, April 19 2010

And when he was come near, he beheld the city, and wept over it. Luke 19v.41

     Jesus knows where we live. The US government is currently taking a census, but Jesus locates our hearts. Sometimes we hate the place where we are. We can even get mad at God for delaying our arrival to our dream place - even when He put the dream in our hearts to start with!

     Do you know the things that belong to your peace (your healing and wholeness) where you are today?  That question is a summary of Jesus' lament over a city that could not see Him (though He was right there with them) and would not hear Him (though He spoke clear warnings with love. Luke 19 v.42-44). Your location- the place where you are this very moment- is a part of God's gift of life to you today.

Father, Visit us! You made this place and You made this people- Come, now, and move on us and through us for Your Glory!

Lee Andrews

April 19, 2010



Friday, April 16 2010

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for... Heb.11v.1

   Does the substance  of my day come from all the things I can crowd into it and run around doing? Is today's wealth and essential value tied to the length of my to-do list? What is driving us? I  have found that my failure to let faith frame my day allows other forces to keep me moving, moving- keep those doggies moving- Rawhide!

    Romans 8 speaks of the Holy Spirit leading, guiding and controlling us. Do you know how to say "no"  to that push to run one more errand, to engage in a faithless, "I wonder what would happen" long phone conversation, or start that much-needed clean-up project at the wrong time of day?

    As the pressures of life intensify, the preciousness - its value and substance- is also increasing. How are you spending your substance? "Why do you spend money for what is not bread, and your wages for what does not satisfy?" (Isa.55)

Father, Faith for today to take shape according to Your plan!

Lee Andrews

April 16, 2010


Thursday, April 15 2010

And the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed. Gen. 2 v.8

     "Live out of your Eden," were the words of a mighty Bible teacher to me yesterday. So this morning I am praying to do that and of course, to bring you in with me!  In Eden there is the Presence of God. We delight ourselves in Him and everyday life comes out of the overflow of His cup of blessings. Out of Eden we are driven, pushed, anxious and fearful. In Eden we take His yoke upon us. Out of Eden we are under the yoke of the devil, a cruel taskmaster and the enemy of our souls.

Father, Cause me to come to your river, Oh God. To live, move and have my being in You. You are my Eden forever and today.

Lee Andrews

April 15, 2010


Wednesday, April 14 2010

And a certain poor man named Lazarus was laid at his gate, covered with sores, and longing to be fed with the crumbs which were falling from the rich man's table...Luke  16v.20

Now the woman was a Gentile, of the Syrophoenician race...She answered and said to Him, "Yes, Lord but even the dogs under the table feed on the children's crumbs." Mark 7v.28

    A king's crumbs were falling and a man was dying of hunger for them. But in Luke we read of a woman catching a King's crumbs for her daughter's healing and even changing God's miracle time-table. There can be a longing and a deep desire for healing, but the desperate also have to fight with faith. Aren't you glad we are coming to a God who is moved by the feeling of our infirmities and moved to respond to our faith's passionate propositions?

    Read the passage in Luke and you will note that though the poor beggar had a longing and a desperate situation, he had absolutely nothing to say. There are no words coming from him. Our words are seeds to grow our faith and Lazarus was poor in words. The bossy rich dude was talking his head off from hell. While the Syrophoenician woman's status is not disclosed, her faith is evident - and she clearly had some negotiating experience.

    There is a great banqueting table of Provision and as a daughter or son of the Most High, you have a chair there. But as the Gentile woman demonstrated, an outsider with just a crumb of faith can get the miracle while we look on in silence and longing. 

Father, I say healing is mine today.  Daddy God, a little crumb of Your healing Power, a drop of Your Blood will do it and undo every evil thing. Call me Your sweet puppy, drawing near to kiss Your hand!

Lee Andrews

April 14, 2010


Tuesday, April 13 2010

Like a tree planted by streams of water... Ps. 1v.3; ....Refuge from the wind, shelter from the storm, streams of water in a dry country... Isa. 32 v.2    

     "Streaming to you" is what I am hearing this morning. "Heaven's streams" is part of a Christmas carol and some of that unbridled love and lavish peace is poured out for you today. Many are His thoughts towards us and His focus constantly includes us. Have you ever felt ignored, slighted or passed over? Often we discover the person trying to hurt us was carrying so much of the same hurt themselves. God doesn't have a problem releasing immense, unconditional love. It is fresh today and streaming to you.

        Your first duty: just stand under the stream and get washed with the blessing. Sometimes the less you carry when you go out to meet the day, the more you have to bring to the people and to the atmosphere of your world. "All My love for you," He says.

         Once your washed heart is filled, your mouth will be filled with treasures from Heaven's stream. Out of the fullness of the heart, the mouth speaks. When my heart is empty, I have nothing good to say. But a mouth full of heaven will know what to say today about any legal matter on earth - whether to bind the devil or to loose blessing -. A mouth full of heaven will speak "as it is in heaven, so it is on earth" to every person or situation that needs it.

Father, Thank you for heaven streaming Your great love to us today!


Lee Andrews

April 13, 2010

Monday, April 12 2010

And the manna ceased on the morrow after they had eaten of the old corn of the land; neither had the children of Israel manna anymore... Joshua 5v.12


      There is food your faith has harvested that is just appearing, but it is ready enough for you to taste. While it is not yet as savory as the onions and garlic you had back in Egypt, nor is it as labor-free as the manna that fell from heaven, this new and different  "incredible edibles" have grown up from the working of your faith. You have come into a new territory with its own food production.

       Just as the children of Israel went into the Promised Land and began to eat their new territory's food, you and I should should be eating new praise and new prayer as we march forward to possess more of the Promises in this amazing year of 2010. Does your new praying in your heavenly language sound like munching on "parched corn" of Joshua 5 v.11? Find new ways to praise Him for this new place. It was after they had eaten the tough corn from the Promised Land that Jesus appeared as the Commander of the Lord's Hosts (v.14). For us, too, eating the new food of new praise and new prayer will bring the new revelation of Him we need in this new land of today!

Lee Andrews

April 12, 2010

Friday, April 09 2010

...A wise heart knows the proper time and procedure...Eccl. 8v.5


     Is everyone moving, graduating, traveling, shifting and changing this month? I am seeing accelerated change all around me.  Some of the shifts are exceeding abundantly more than all I can ask or think (like Lakewood's heavenly 7.5 million purchase from the city), but others are just too much!

     One thing to do in fast-moving times like these is to review your prophecies. Study the Words from the Lord and locate your destiny in the midst of the swirl of changes. Are you being re-positioned for the Promise? Or is it time to get your golden lasso of faith out and pull Provision in closer? Has heaven deputized you with authority to call the shots or is your life a reaction to Congress or your company's stockholders decisions?

Father, We're victors who know how to flow, float and swim the deep seas of life- winning souls and doing business for You. Teach us to master the waves of change today.

Lee Andrews

April 9, 2010

Thursday, April 08 2010

And that servant, which knew his lord's will, and prepared not himself, neither did according to his will, will be beaten with many stripes...Luke 12 v.47


  OUCH! (I'm preaching to myself!) As I look forward to my last teaching on WARNINGS this Saturday, the word "preparation" is one of the most anointed words I know. I run from it so often, I can smell it coming like bacon frying in the kitchen. It was in the air this morning, so I pass it on to you.

   Warnings, like the Gospel itself, prepare us not to lose the harvest. We want our efforts, labors, lives CROWNED with a harvest of blessing. Judgement is coming and it is not a bad thing. One fruit of judgement for a girl named Esther was a crown and king for a husband. Get happy when you get warned to prepare! Preparation pleases God and readies you to win and not to lose!

   Father, Help us to prepare ourselves. We say our lack of preparation will not beat us anymore. Warning: Let no man ( not even you yourself) take your crown! Get ready to win!

Lee Andrews

April 8, 2010

Wednesday, April 07 2010

And that their children, which have not known anything, may hear and learn to fear the Lord your God. Deut.31 v.13

     "Teach your children" is what I heard this morning. One of the meanings of the word "warning" is to teach. Don't put your hand on that hot stove! Don't stick your fingers in the dog's mouth!  Would we have lived to be three years-old without our mothers teaching and warning us? Many strong warnings in this day in which we live come from the Mother-heart of God.  If we heed the warning, we will be prepared to receive rewards and not judgement.

     This dramatic showdown hour is putting a fresh urgency on teaching your children. Paul in Acts 20 v.31 said he never stopped warning, teaching and putting in the mind of the people what the Word of God said. You may not have the option of standing a pulpit (with overheads) up in front of your children, but you may live it out, love it out, cook it out as you preach and make their favorite Arroz con Pollo or write it out in a big, pretty card with a nice birthday check- take every opportunity you can!

Father, Help us prepare a people to hear the last warnings. Give our children courage to even give warnings as You lead them. We hear, heed and obey today! Thank you for Your fresh Love today and fresh mercies on our way!


Lee Andrews

April 7, 2010

Tuesday, April 06 2010

But the word is very nigh unto thee, in thy mouth and in thy heart, that thou mayst do it. Deut 30 v.14

     The nearness of the Word of God to you makes you "rich toward God." Remember the rich man that Jesus described so vividly in Luke 12?  That man laid up for himself much material treasure but did not seek the Kingdom.  Staying "Kingdom-minded" is an even tougher fight in our day. But Keeping the Word close, keeping the Word nearby is a militant, hell-defying act that strengthens us and also strengthens the cause of righteousness. Thy Kingdom come!

     When we're not worrying about what the world is worrying about, when we're not talking like the world, our Kingdom-mindedness brings a rich, pure and holy stream into this world. (Even if it is just you speaking the Word in your garage or bedroom- heaven and earth have ears!) Keeping the Word of Faith in our mouths and hearts makes us rich and influential as more of God and more of God and more of God comes into the mix of life on earth today!

      Paul in Romans 10 v.10 said that with the heart man believes, resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses, resulting in salvation. This work of faith is not only for first-time believers, but also a daily work as our strong hearts embrace truth and reject the devil's lie that God's promise will fail us. The Word is very near you! You are rich toward God to give Him away to a lost world!

Special blessings on your day!

Lee Andrews

April 6, 2010

Monday, April 05 2010

Blessed shalt thou be in the field. Deut. 28 v.3

   You are blessed in your field of endeavor! That area you are daily applying your heart and hands to - that work that you are daily sowing into as you speak over it with your voice of faith - is increasing! In verse 12 of Deut 28, the Lord promises to open His good treasure over your field of endeavor. There will be an open heaven over your labor with timely rains of enrichment and growth. Dominion comes after He sends His commanded blessing (v.8) and establishes you (v.9)

   Prov. 24 v.27 outlines a similar pathway to increase: "Put first things first. Prepare your work outside and get it ready for yourself in the field: and afterward build your house and establish a home." I want to encourage you in your work today in your blessed field of endeavor. You may be a homemaker building a haven for your family and a lighthouse for those near you. Perhaps your office job seems more of a drudge than a field of blessing, but the eyes of heaven are on your labor - it is not in vain.

Father, I speak blessings over the work of each one reading this today. Increased influence, increased favor, financial increase in pay and in benefits. They work with joyfulness, gladness of heart as they serve You in their blessed field of endeavor this day!

Sending more love,

Lee Andrews

April 5, 2010

Thursday, April 01 2010

Moreover, they shall take some of the blood and put it on the two door-posts and on the lintel of the houses in which they eat it. Ex. 12v.7


 The most essential part of our Passover week is the Blood. What I am hearing this morning is: The Blood Is Applying For The Job. How often are we applying the Blood to our minds, over family members? Key element in our passing over trouble, danger and the impossible is the Blood of Jesus.

   Always fresh, always powerful, the Blood is always speaking deliverance, redemption and resurrection when all hope seems lost. We refresh ourselves about its power by singing some of the old Blood songs. Look them on the Internet, if you don't have your grandma's hymnal in a trunk. Read what the Word of God says about the Blood. Apply the Blood with your words of faith about its promise and power.

   There is an Applicant at the door of your impossibility.

Lee Andrews

April 1. 2010



from past baggage
old sin
And Lot also, which went with Abraham, had flocks and herds and tents. And the land was not able to bear them, for their substance was great...And Abraham said,
"Lot, separate thyself, I pray thee, from me." Genesis 13v.5; ...forgetting what lies behind, straining for what lies ahead. Phil.3v.13
           You can't take it with you. "It" means your (unfruitful) way of thinking, your old " it ain't working" way of working. Abraham's nephew was a dear relative, they had so much in common, so many sweet or tough memories shared. How long before we get God saying, "Separate from your old way. There is a new way."
        As always with God, you must obey the first step (separate, leave the baggage, drop it,) before the land under your foot's path for the 2nd step appears.
And the Lord said unto to Abraham AFTER that Lot was separated from him:
Lift up now thine eyes from the place where thou art northward, and southward, and eastward, and westward. For all the land that thou seetst, to thee will I give it...v.14-17
FATHER:  Show me Your new way today! I PRESS TOWARD THE PRIZE!
Love you guys more than you know,
 Lee Andrews
Will you keep silent at this time, Queen Esther? Now that you have prevailed before the King and your petition for deliverance for you and your nation from the evil Haman Hillary, will you decree, reign and use your authority? Not many days hence, about 30, the inauguration of the President God chose and we died for (died to pizza and blueberry pancakes, died to distractions to cry out, some died to fear of voting Republican for the 1st time!)) will be inaugurated. 
     Though the media is attempting to spread dishonor and rebellion,your intercession for  FULL MORDECAI HONOR will crown the event and will also REAP HONOR for you. The honor you intercede for in these 30 days to January 21 is the degree of honor that will (or won't) come to you in the New Year. God is teaching us to reign in this extraordinary season, this amazing Last Days Age. Can you honor a husband if God gave you one, a boss, a mother-in-law, can you honor the Office of the President or the Plan of God? Skimping on honor at this time, will skimp on the Glory of God!
 When God's choice is  fully honored, - as Mordecai was - God's reward is FULLY given! God gave the people of the nation light ( a new dawn of hope) and gladness and joy and honor.The enemies of the Kingdom were destroyed. Esther 8v.16 Victory is indeed sweet!
 ....And the king said to Haman/Hillary, what shall be done to the man whom the king delights to honor?...Haman answered... Let royal apparel be brought which the king has worn (NOTE: THE ANOINTING)  
 And the horse which the king has ridden 
(NOTE: same as David's instructions for Solomon's inaugurations for David's mule to be ridden) and a royal crown be set upon his head. 
Let the apparel and horse be delivered to the hand of one of the king's most noble princes. Let him array the man (NOTE: divine order- Mordecai was not putting king's robe on himself- but nobility and established order robing him) whom the king delights to honor and conduct him on horseback through the open square of the city (NOTE: We need to pray for the city- the sea of people to OPEN to Trump and not resist him whom Our king has appointed.)Esther 6v.6-9
The King's instructions in Esther 6v.10
Do so to Mordecai the Jew (Make it happen).
Leave out nothing that you have spoken. (Don't mess this up.)
We need a full Mordecai inauguration. Esther (the church) has prevailed before the King.We won. We Arise, We Shine for Our light has come!
Lee Andrews
December 21, 2016

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