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Monday, November 30 2009

And He said to them, Come away by yourselves to a lonely place and rest a while." Mk 6v.31

    The Bible tells us that "Martha ( overly occupied and too busy) was distracted with much serving..."   It must have been Christmas! So much to do and so many people not to disappoint! And yet, dear friends, I have found December to be a month when God is longing to be even more intimate with us. It is a rich time. The Father (Your Father)  is pouring out revelation secrets to crown this year with wisdom and prophetic insight to prepare you for 2010. But who has time to sit at His feet like Mary?

       I am praying for you today and throughout this month. My prayer is that you will find new ways and new places to meet the Lord - secret trysting places- in this busy season.

       Father, Overtake the overwhelmed! Intervene in our dreams, come upon us suddenly in the checkout lanes and in parking lots. Give an extra Portion of Yourself to those working extra hours to bless their families. As some give up their bedrooms or living rooms for company from out-of-town, make whatever bedchamber they have a sanctuary. Pour out a sweet, strong spirit of prayer this month to lure Martha out of the kitchen. Make us Mary! Don't let the best time with You be taken from us!

Lee Andrews

November 30, 2009

Saturday, November 28 2009

...forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you. Eph. 4 v. 32

     The quickest way I know to get from where you are now to where you want to be is through forgiveness. It is a rocket that travels faster than the speed of sound- BOOMING louder than the shackles that fall off when we let go of the past's pain and reach for freedom's open door.

      God's Love and His Son's Blood have the power to transfer you from here to a better there. My mother uses a wheelchair and we do a lot of transfers. Sometimes she gets frozen in the middle.  Perched on her transfer board with one hand stretched one way, she can't get back to where she was. Where she wants to go seems out of reach, but the wobbly discomfort of her present location (and not her daughter's begging, pitiful cheer-leading, etc.) moves her past the risk of letting go.

     Be quick to forgive. Let God work the transfer from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of light for everything that concerns you today!

     Forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Phil. 3v.14

Lee Andrews

November 28, 2009

Friday, November 27 2009

The Lord said to Moses, "Come up to Me on the mountain and stay here..." Ex. 24 v.12

     Does the Lord know how much you have to do today? Urgent things that can't be postponed, special sales at the malls, get medicine for a loved one, a college interview,go by the bank and on and on and on...

     So why is He calling and asking you and me to come and stay over at His house? Remember Enoch in Genesis who walked with God and was no more? One mighty minister would say that some days Enoch would walk God home as they talked and visited- and other times God would walk Enoch back to his place. But one day God said, "Enoch, come and just stay with Me- it  so far for you to walk back."

      Father, Help us to walk in the light of eternity today. We want to stay close to You.  It is in You we live and move and have our being!   

Lee Andrews

November 27, 2009

Thursday, November 26 2009

   And He took the five loaves and the two fish, and looking up to heaven, He blessed them, and broke them, and kept giving them to the disciples to set before the multitude. And they all ate and were satisfied; and the broken pieces which they had left over were picked up, twelve baskets full. Luke 9 v. 16-17

     It is Thanksgiving Day! Most Americans will eat, be satisfied and if they are like me, eat some more after that! My family's twelve baskets of fragments will get gathered up in take-home containers and packed in the car at the end of the day's feast.

     What is the picture Jesus is painting for us today? Every manifestation of the Spirit (which is what a miracle is) is for the common good. (1 Cor, 12 v.7)  We all benefit. Miracles have legs and arms. See how this miracle of the five loaves and two fish has legs to carry it on into someone else's life? The miracle has arms to wrap itself around the amazed heart of all who hear about it.  Whether someone  simply "heard" of the miracle or actually ate some of the fragments from the 12 baskets, the blessing continued to multiply.

      As an eye-witness to the goodness of God this Thanksgiving Day, you are deputized to carry His miracle power to others. As you tell, bring and share you are His legs and arms to keep carrying the blessing. The fragments of His goodness will multiply as long as you keep giving them out. Give them miracles to eat today! 

Lee Andrews

November 26, 2009

Wednesday, November 25 2009

     ... Abraham sat at the door of his tent.  And when he lifted up his eyes and looked, behold, three men stood a little distance from him. He ran to meet them..."My lord, if I have found favor, do not pass me by. Let a little water be brought...and I will bring a morsel of bread- for that is why you have come to your servant..."    So Abraham hurried into the tent to Sarah and said, "Quickly, prepare three measures of fine flour...Abraham also ran to the herd, took a tender and choice calf and gave it to the servant; and he hurried to prepare it. Gen 18 v.1-7

           When I lived in London I would keep my dinner guests waiting and waiting as I labored over a 5-course gourmet meal far into the night. I was exhausted after having shopped, cleaned, chopped, washed, ground, peeled, etc for days. When we're not used to entertaining, having company come can be a slow, wild, time-consuming challenge. Getting everything ready and just right when it mattered most was tough for me because I didn't do it everyday.

            Abraham and Sarah had mastered the art of entertaining God's Presence. In Gen. 15 we see Abram preparing sacrifices correctly to please the Lord. Throughout the preceding chapters, we see this man receiving God's promises and obeying God's instructions. When the surprise angelic guests came, Abraham was already schooled in entertaining the supernatural.

               Entertain His Presence today - and everyday. Do you know what He likes? Learn how to entertain Him with your praise, your dance, your sparkling conversation boasting in His Excellent greatness! Pouring out your worship and entertaining the Lord is your everyday "supernatural"  sacrifice.

             Then like Abraham, you'll know the supernatural signal of your appointed time drawing near. He knew why special guests had come. He said- "that is why you have come to your servant" in verse 5 of Chapter 18 (AMP). The day your Promise comes, be quick to entertain and ready to receive!

Lee Andrews

November 25, 2009

Tuesday, November 24 2009

Pharaoh sent for Joseph, and he was quickly brought from the dungeon. Gen. 41v.14

     There is a moment when God moves to bless you and nothing will or can stop Him. He moves at the speed of light. He is quick! You are approaching a moment like that as this year ends. Be quick to ask for wisdom with the coming changes!

      The verse today is the amazing story of Joseph's sudden ascension many years after he had dreamt it (and told it!) as a naive teenager. Let us look at how the Lord exalts without causing our feet to stumble or our heads to swell as big as hot-air balloons.

But Joseph first shaved himself, changed his clothes; and made himself presentable: then he came into Pharaoh's presence.  Gen. 41v.14b

        Take time to prepare even when Destiny calls. Joseph could have run in there in smelly rags- fearful that he didn't have a moment to waste. Remember how Naomi told Ruth to wash herself, put on some perfume to meet Boaz? When God has sealed the deal, we don't have to fear the dream will vanish if we take a moment to put on the Spirit of the Lord, clothe ourselves in humility and righteousness.

         Also, the God of the universe- who is Light- might have a thing or two to say while we are ironing our shirt to go through a door only He could have opened. I can see that Joseph's shaving, washing and dressing is also a picture of deliverance. There are dungeon spirits and issues in us that God does not want taken into our new Palace address. Be quick to leave them in the dungeon were they belong.


Lee Andrews

November 24, 2009





Monday, November 23 2009

Special Prophetic Bulletin 

 "QUICK!" I  hear the word "quick" for this Thanksgiving week strongly & for this season from now to the end of the year. "Strength to Believe Ask and Receive" was what I preached on 11/14. Yesterday my pastor preached on ask, believe and receive. Recent words from others I trust say the the same thing. I urge you to quickly respond to God's generous mood. Quickly press in to receive. Expect Him to move. Let no man take the crown that God wants to put on this year for you. Rev 3 v.11 - See 9/14 archives post for faith for QUICK!)


And she said, "Drink, my lord"; and she quickly lowered her jar to her hand, and gave him a drink...I will draw also for your she quickly emptied her jar into the trough and ran back..." Genesis 24 v.18 - 20

    Twenty-four hours later this same virgin, country girl was asked if she would leave home and go with strangers to marry an unseen millionaire- she said, "I will go."

    Was this girl praying for a husband? What are you praying for? A promotion, healing or for lost loved-ones? Been praying long about it? Well, let me tell you today that the "quick" is at hand. Sometimes the more I pray, the less I believe. My prayers and confession become like sawdust and I am tricked with the Gibeonite's dusty bread. (Jos. 9- Remember those guys who disguised themselves with old clothes and moldy bread and fooled Joshua and Israelites?)

     The devil tries to fool us that our prayers are not working. Then instead of getting more fired-up, closer to God and more responsive as we pray and pray and pray about something - we get cold and dry from the  all the waiting. And our prayers get faithless. What we do without faith is - sin! (Oh my!) 

    Destiny's wheels are turning this week. Daddy is about to slot you into your dream. Get quickened. Get hot. Respond to Him. Rebekah was quick!  Be quick to hear (James 1.19) and ready to move with God this week!

Lee Andrews

November 23, 2009



Friday, November 20 2009

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth... Gen. 1 v.1

      Have you ever made a mistake and wished you could just go back to the beginning and fix it right? I have! Thankfully we have a God who is the Master of Fresh and New. He first created "beginnings" and when we miss the mark, His words are "Let us make... Let us do... Let us... begin again."

       In the beginning God made a garden and put His man there. The curse of Adam's mistake was broken by the sacrifice of God's only-begotten Son, Jesus and His shed Blood. Your new beginning - and mine and everybody's on earth- is in the Blood.

       Do you need a new beginning today? Find time to take communion. Get a cracker or a cookie, any juice or even water. Confess your sin, ask the Lord to forgive you, then believe He is straightening out the crooked place. Proverbs tells us that the blamelessness of the righteous shall rectify (straighten out) their paths.

Lee Andrews

November 20, 2009

Thursday, November 19 2009

And pray on my behalf, that utterance may be given to me in the opening of my mouth, to make known with boldness the mystery of the gospel...Ephesians 6 v.19

   If you stood up to give a word from the Lord at my old home church of 5,000+, my Pastor would send a signal that could start or stop your knees-to-shaking. He'd set the atmosphere and direct the flow as you stood there waiting to begin:

Let's hear what the Holy Ghost has to say .

But sometimes he'd change it to:

 Let's hear what this sister has to say.

A little harder was his:

Give her the microphone.

    He used those words the very last time I stood up before him to try to speak for God. But The Spirit of the Lord urged me to "run on" past feeling rejected and a little slighted.  I opened my mouth with boldness as the microphone was handed to me.  I closed my eyes as I spoke so I didn't see my Pastor on the floor with his hands raised, receiving the word.

    Be bold today to obey. Open your mouth. Don't let rejection or fear of man muzzle you! Share the Good News and make Jesus known!

Lee Andrews

November 19, 2009

Wednesday, November 18 2009

Do all that is in your  I am with you, according to your desire. 1 Sam 14 v.7

    Your boss says, "Hey I've got a plan. You and me will go surprise the enemy. These guys outnumber us, but our God can handle one or a million and one. What do you say?"

    Jonathan's young armorbearer didn't say- "let's wait for back-up" or let's fast & pray for 3 days." He said, " I am with you." As leaders in ministry or in the workplace, do we know who is with us to carry the armor for the vision to come to pass?

    The dictionary tells us that "with" means attitude or opinion- Does your armorbearer show that they are pleased with you and the Plan of God entrusted to you? "With" means harmony or agreement- like the right colors going together. Is  there smooth agreement or knotty hassle in the air?  "With" also means an instrument or tool. Is your armorbearer helping to bring the Plan of God to pass?

    Father, open my eyes today to see the people who are with me!

Lee Andrews

November 18, 2009


Tuesday, November 17 2009

By faith we understand the worlds were framed ( fashioned, put in order and equipped for their intended purpose) by the word of God... Hebrews 11 v.3

    Having a monthly morning Bible study at a hotel and getting my 89 yr-old mom ready were a delight and a challenge for me. By grace we made it out- looking good and with a good word to share. But oh my when we got home- clothes, make-up,towels, breakfast dishes, books-  I'd walk in the door and I'd start framing my world with these words- " This place is a mess- It looks like we've been evacuated." And I'd laugh as I cleaned.

     Well, in September 2008 Ike's winds blew the roof off my mom's high-rise Senior apartments and the firemen talking of carrying her down eight flights of steps- we were evacuated. Like Esau (Heb. 12 v 17), or Peter- I remembered my words and I wept. I repented, but I still had to walk into a tough world of living out of a suitcase with a handicapped mom. A world framed by my funny, stupid words.

       What are you saying about your world? Does it look overwhelming? Say that you're an overcomer! (You should hear me now!) What is the one thing you can do when you're too tired to do a thing? Say what the Word of God says and let faith frame your world.

Lee Andrews

November 17, 2009


Monday, November 16 2009

Therefore, since we have this ministry...we do not lose heart. II Cor. 4v.1

   I remember an early Sunday morning volunteer meeting at Lakewood where a man in his late seventies, battling heart disease, drove across the city to speak to us, His face was still crinkled from sleep. Arriving late, he went straight to the podium. Over 200 of us there put aside our doughnuts and coffee to find ourselves captured by the anointing God showered on Pastor John Osteen as he said this

Therefore, since we have this ministry...we do not lose heart.

   My late Pastor's treasure was in an earthen vessel ( II Cor. 2 v.7 ) that the surpassing greatness of the power working in and through him would be seen to be from Him and not from a small, great man in an impeccably-tailored suit.  

   You have the same treasure. The same power that worked in the ministry of Pastor John Osteen - surpassing great power Ephesians 1 v.20 says - is towards us today. It is available if you and I believe. (Just believe). Romans assures us  that the same power that raised Him from the dead is restoring life to the hearts of our ministry dreams and efforts.

     Are you weary and discouraged  as you look at your ministry today?  Your momentary light affliction - this slight distress of the passing hour  is producing an eternal weight of glory. So what can abundantly prepare, produce and achieve a change in the things seen?  Keeping your eyes of faith on the things not seen but promised. Change is coming, don't lose heart!

Lee Andrews

November 16, 2009



from past baggage
old sin
And Lot also, which went with Abraham, had flocks and herds and tents. And the land was not able to bear them, for their substance was great...And Abraham said,
"Lot, separate thyself, I pray thee, from me." Genesis 13v.5; ...forgetting what lies behind, straining for what lies ahead. Phil.3v.13
           You can't take it with you. "It" means your (unfruitful) way of thinking, your old " it ain't working" way of working. Abraham's nephew was a dear relative, they had so much in common, so many sweet or tough memories shared. How long before we get God saying, "Separate from your old way. There is a new way."
        As always with God, you must obey the first step (separate, leave the baggage, drop it,) before the land under your foot's path for the 2nd step appears.
And the Lord said unto to Abraham AFTER that Lot was separated from him:
Lift up now thine eyes from the place where thou art northward, and southward, and eastward, and westward. For all the land that thou seetst, to thee will I give it...v.14-17
FATHER:  Show me Your new way today! I PRESS TOWARD THE PRIZE!
Love you guys more than you know,
 Lee Andrews
Will you keep silent at this time, Queen Esther? Now that you have prevailed before the King and your petition for deliverance for you and your nation from the evil Haman Hillary, will you decree, reign and use your authority? Not many days hence, about 30, the inauguration of the President God chose and we died for (died to pizza and blueberry pancakes, died to distractions to cry out, some died to fear of voting Republican for the 1st time!)) will be inaugurated. 
     Though the media is attempting to spread dishonor and rebellion,your intercession for  FULL MORDECAI HONOR will crown the event and will also REAP HONOR for you. The honor you intercede for in these 30 days to January 21 is the degree of honor that will (or won't) come to you in the New Year. God is teaching us to reign in this extraordinary season, this amazing Last Days Age. Can you honor a husband if God gave you one, a boss, a mother-in-law, can you honor the Office of the President or the Plan of God? Skimping on honor at this time, will skimp on the Glory of God!
 When God's choice is  fully honored, - as Mordecai was - God's reward is FULLY given! God gave the people of the nation light ( a new dawn of hope) and gladness and joy and honor.The enemies of the Kingdom were destroyed. Esther 8v.16 Victory is indeed sweet!
 ....And the king said to Haman/Hillary, what shall be done to the man whom the king delights to honor?...Haman answered... Let royal apparel be brought which the king has worn (NOTE: THE ANOINTING)  
 And the horse which the king has ridden 
(NOTE: same as David's instructions for Solomon's inaugurations for David's mule to be ridden) and a royal crown be set upon his head. 
Let the apparel and horse be delivered to the hand of one of the king's most noble princes. Let him array the man (NOTE: divine order- Mordecai was not putting king's robe on himself- but nobility and established order robing him) whom the king delights to honor and conduct him on horseback through the open square of the city (NOTE: We need to pray for the city- the sea of people to OPEN to Trump and not resist him whom Our king has appointed.)Esther 6v.6-9
The King's instructions in Esther 6v.10
Do so to Mordecai the Jew (Make it happen).
Leave out nothing that you have spoken. (Don't mess this up.)
We need a full Mordecai inauguration. Esther (the church) has prevailed before the King.We won. We Arise, We Shine for Our light has come!
Lee Andrews
December 21, 2016

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